Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2020


Hi everyone and welcome back to the blog in today’s article I’m going to be going over the pros and the cons of the Amazon affiliate program there are ten things that you really need to know.

if you’re considering joining or not and Six of them are pros four of them are cons. I’m going to cover them all in this article.

Hi everyone Welcome back to the channel if you’re new here My name is Greg and I like to talk about online entrepreneurship and sharing the resources that I wish I had along my journey.

So if you’re interested in those things to feel free to look around the channel and consider subscribing in today’s video We’re going to be talking about the pros and the cons of the Amazon affiliate program.

Now you may have heard of this program before it’s known technically as the Amazon Associates program,

But essentially what it is is the largest affiliate program there is and it’s by Amazon now I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for the last few years and I have learned a lot over this time.

whether Amazon affiliate is a Good Thing or if there are better options, that’s what I’m going to talk about in this article Now as you guys know,

I don’t like to waste any time, Let’s get straight into the good stuff starting with number one This is the first pro to the Amazon Associates program.

Now the first Pro here is that it is so easy to start There’s only really one requirement for anyone to get started It’s completely free to join that one requirement is that you have a functional website now This is very easy to do if you need tutorials on this.

I’ve got them linked throughout the channel You can either use WordPress or you can use Wix.

I’ve got tutorials for both I’ll link them down in the description if you need a good resource for that now once you have a functional website And you’ve applied in the application.

That’s really all you need to get started Everything is completely free to do and once you’re accepted you can literally start creating affiliate links for Amazon products and just get started Number two,

this is the second really big Pro to the Amazon affiliate program. And that’s that It’s so easy to use you can literally go onto amazon once you’re accepted as an affiliate and you can get your affiliate link for Any product on amazon?

You’re no longer limited to just having one Universal affiliate link for the whole company and then when they buy something you get credit the way these works is you can find any products on Amazon and get a Specific link to that product page,

the cool thing, too Is that when you’re accepted to be an affiliate you get these tools available to you right away So you can go create your custom links.

You don’t have to rely on anyone else to create the links for you You don’t have to wait you can make these custom links right away now What’s also cool about this is since you can link to any product on Amazon.

It basically makes the topic ideas for your niche affiliate marketing websites endless You can link to any categories on Amazon any products in any niches on Amazon.

once you’re accepted you can link to any products on Amazon number three this is one of the biggest pros to being on the Amazon affiliate program is that it’s actually easy to make money now,

don’t get me wrong. Everyone says easy ways to make money but the reason I’m saying this is because when anyone clicks on your affiliate links from Amazon Anything that they add to their cart.

and purchase within 24 hours of clicking that link you will get a commission, for now, This is not like other affiliate programs.

And what’s so cool about this is you can link to certain products or whatever It is in your articles and people can click it Let’s say, for example,

that was for a pair of shoes that you link them to Amazon on your article Well, they click on it They go look at the shoes and they decide well,

I’m not ready to buy right now. Maybe next week sometime well even if they don’t buy that pair of shoes if they come back within 24 hours and let’s say they buy a vacuum cleaner or anything on Amazon Within 24 hours of clicking your link,

you will still get a commission on whatever they put in their cart and purchased this is why I always recommend for beginners to start on Amazon affiliate program because you may have accidental success

All you have to worry about doing is getting people to read your articles and click on your affiliate links to go over to Amazon And then anything they purchase within 24 hours.

You still get a commission on now number four This is another Pro to the Amazon affiliate program And that is that it is so evergreen and it is totally passive income The reason.

I say it’s evergreen if you haven’t heard me talk about this before Essentially what evergreen is you create the content or the links once and it lasts forever You want to set yourself up this way?

So you have passive income long into the future and you’re not just looking a month or two months down the road The reason that the Amazon affiliate program is.

so evergreen is that Amazon is not going anywhere in the near future They’re not going to go away. They’re not going to close up shop They are a massive company and the other part to the equation here.

Is that when you’re linking to products on Amazon? They have name-brand products. You can choose from really big companies that also are not going anywhere.

They’re not going to close up shop They’re not going to stop selling on Amazon anytime in the future.

so by you Creating content around name-brand products things that are here to stay on Amazon and aren’t going anywhere in the near future,

you can Advantage of your content being evergreen and making you money for years to come,

because it’s still relevant Your links are still relevant and working and linking to those same products This helps us avoid creating affiliate content for products,

that go away in a year or are no longer relevant Because then you have to recreate the content and what you created originally is not going to make you money in the future,

But by having this be evergreen and totally passive income You can pick the right products and our name brand and link to them on Amazon and it’ll still be relevant for many years to Come now number five.

This is my favorite Pro to being part of the Amazon affiliate program And that’s that Amazon is arguably the most optimized website for getting people to buy things online.

there is no doubt at all that when you go on Amazon and you find a product that you are remotely interested in buying they Make the checkout process and reviews and everything.

so easy for you and compelling for you to just make the purchase this works to our advantage because like I said before even if they go on to Amazon from your affiliate link.

And they don’t buy the product that you referred them to Amazon for they may look at other products and since Amazon is so compelling and so,

well optimized for you to make a purchase right then and there it benefits us a ton because people will convert into Purchasing and therefore you get your Commission far more than other websites,

that isn’t as optimized now I know that Pro number five is mixed into this list, but don’t let it go unnoticed that is a Really big Pro and we’re able to join the Amazon affiliate program completely for free,

and make commissions off of products that sell on Amazon but don’t forget that Amazon has put so much money and resources into finding out,

what makes people buy and Tailoring their systems and optimizing them to get people to make purchases We can benefit from all of that by being a part of the Amazon affiliate program,

Now the last Pro in this list number six is that the customer service on Amazon is so good We all know the environment You know it just as well as me when you make a purchase.

if you have any issues on Amazon Their customer service is taken care of by experts. They are super quick to take care of anything That’s an issue possible returns.

If you have any questions, they’re always sending emails on where your order is the tracking through the app They have everything figured out.

So we get to take advantage of this as well and just know that if you’re referring someone to Amazon through your affiliate link They make a purchase.

if they have any issues with that product at all We’re making the purchase anything. They’re in good hands because they have Amazon’s customer service taking care of them This in itself is an amazing Pro for all of the affiliate marketing.

because as the affiliate marketer you and myself when we refer people to Products we don’t have to take care of the customer service.

The company takes care of all the customer service processing the transaction fulfilling the orders everything We just have to find the best product to refer people to.

So certainly keep that in mind Amazon’s customer service is top-notch and it is always great So,

you know that the customers you’re referring are in good hands So all six of these pros are extremely good, but it does come with some cons not everything is perfect.

So I’ve got a list of four cons that you should be aware of if you’re considering joining the Amazon affiliate program the first con Is definitely the biggest con and it’s the biggest drawback to the affiliate program here.

And that’s that the commission rate is low They have a commission chart that’s going to show you how much you will make in commissions on each category on products on Amazon But just know that roughly on average you’ll make about 5% of the total sale.

So to put that in perspective if you refer someone to a product and they order $100 worth of that product Whatever it is, you will get five dollars as a commission.

Now that’s on average some categories go up to 10% Most categories are about 4% but just know that the Commission rate is generally Pretty low compared to some other affiliate programs.

out there But with that said you have to look at the flip side to these people are going into the Amazon environment where they are so compelled And easily convinced to actually make purchases.

So these sales come pretty easy on the Amazon affiliate program So essentially with the Amazon affiliate program just keep in mind that,

you’re going to make your money in volume a lot of people ordering Affiliate products and it’s not going to be high commission high ticket sales where they make one purchase and you get a big commission payout.

Now for some people, this is a big drawback, but trust me from experience, especially if you are a beginner This is a good thing because like.

I said before they have the 24-hour window when they click your affiliate link over to Amazon Anything that they add to their cart and purchase within 24 hours.

You will get the Commission on and whether that’s in the 10% category or five percent four percent, whatever it is You will still get a commission on anything that they buy .

so keep that in mind That’s a really big con to the Amazon affiliate program That’s that it’s generally a low Commission rate.

Now the second kind of big con here that we have to talk about Is that it is limited availability? Although the application to Amazon is very easy And all you need is a functioning website.

some countries and regions are not supported So you may go to sign up and find that your country region is not any supported list This is typically going to come in.

when you’re putting in your banking information Amazon has to be sure that they can pay to your bank and everything is proper So if you’re not in one of the countries or regions.

that are supported this can be a little bit discouraging but look into using Payoneer com you can use they’re completely free us payment service.

where you get us banking details that you can use on your application so that you can put the USA as your banking location now the third big calm that we need to talk about here is that.

The tracking link only lasts for 24 hours. So this is a positive and a negative I’ll explain why it’s a negative here Now when someone clicks on your link and goes over to Amazon It tracks that for basically 24 hours they give you credit for anything.

They purchase within the next 24 hours of clicking your link Now that’s all great, especially because people are buying things on Amazon.

So regularly, whether that’s the product that you’re recommending or a random product on Amazon, they needed anyways You’ll still get credit but only for 24 hours now if they click your link every day.

Then you’ll keep getting credit for 24 hours after they click your link But the con to this is when we start comparing that to other affiliate programs some affiliate programs out there give you 30 or 90 days of tracking.

so if someone clicks your link if they purchase a product or any product on the site within 90 days.

You will still get a commission on that. So looking at this kind of with a grain of salt You have to look at both sides here.

You have to know that on Amazon people buy things so Regularly that they can only give you 24 hours of credit because chances are even,.

if they use your link in Three days or four days. They may come back and need to buy something on Amazon anyways So Amazon can’t give us credit for referring them because,

Amazon knows that people are generally going to just come back and buy things regularly Anyways, so obviously, there’s pros and cons to that one.

But that is the con side of only having a 24-hour tracking window now number four This is the last big con to the Amazon affiliate program And that is that you have a 180-day review on your account.

Now what that means is you sign up to be an Amazon affiliate You have your functioning website and you get in through a proper country or region.

You’re good to go But that gives you 180 days to get three qualified sales So three people clicking your link and purchasing anything in the first one eighty days and at least 10 pieces of content on your website.

These can be 10 videos. They can be 10 articles just 10 unique pieces of content that you created as original content So keep in mind once you sign up to be a part of the affiliate program.

you’re in and that’s good However in 180 days from when you’re accepted they’re going to review your account and look for those two things They want to make sure that you’ve gotten three affiliate sales,

and you have at least ten pieces of content Now a lot of people ask can I just buy three products through my own affiliate links and the answer to that is no Amazon does not count,

our own purchases towards the affiliate program sales now Another question that I get often is what if you get your account shut down at 180 days.

You only had two qualifying sales So they closed your account Well just know that you can just go reapply get a new account go through all of your pieces of content You already created and switch out the links with the links from the new account,

You can just go into your new account find the same product and get the new link and just swap it out with your old Accounts links that’ll give you another 180 days to meet the requirements of three sales and ten pieces of content,

So with all of that said there are six pros. There are four cons. Do I recommend it to you? The short answer here is yes especially

if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing as long as you focus on creating good content with your affiliate links in it people will Click on your links.

the more time that you give your articles to rank in Google the more people are going to be Clicking on your links,

and then anything that they buy on Amazon for the next 24 hours, you will get a commission for it It’s so easy. It’s free.

It’s stress-free and it’s as passive as it gets I can’t say no to this I do recommend using the Amazon affiliate program now.

I know a lot of people are going to get hung up on seeing low Commission’s between four or five-ten percent compared to other affiliate programs where you might have a big payout.

But just know that in exchange for getting that low Commission rate, you’re getting Amazon’s website that is optimized it’s compelling and it converts people to purchase products.

so much better than other websites on the internet and Lastly remembers how many people are truly using Amazon and buying things on there?

Regularly now I’ve known this number is big, but I looked it up before this video There are over 100 million people with amazon prime Memberships what other company with an affiliate program.

can say that they have that many returning customers Whether these people are using your Amazon affiliate link to make purchases or not

They’re going to be making purchases on Amazon No matter what So it’s to our advantage to create Amazon affiliate content and have them click our link first purchase Whatever they’re going to be purchasing anyway,


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