Amazon Affiliate Marketing – 2020 (Step-By-Step Tutorial For Beginners)

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

so I’m sure you know that Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world and because you’re in this article you probably also know that Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates.

the largest affiliate program in the world and you can promote those products and earn a commission by doing,

so I’m not here to tell you things you know I want to tell you some things you don’t know like how to actually sign up to Amazon Associates the best products to promote to make the most money on Amazon.

and lastly, the easiest way to promote these products with free traffic so let’s get it what’s going on Rohan here and before we get into the article.

I just want to kind of explain real quick if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is it’s basically you’re just a middleman right you promote someone else’s product,

and we get paid a commission when someone purchases that product and someone else in this example in this article are Amazon and affiliate marketing is what this website is all about.

so if you’re interested in that kind of thing make sure to subscribe to our blog. so you don’t miss a thing now let’s get into the tutorial,

all right welcome to my computer so the first step like I said we got to sign up for Amazon Associates so it’s super simple you just type in Amazon Associates into Google and,

it’s probably gonna be the first one it’s right here and then you just click join now for free now you probably have an Amazon account.

if you don’t you just go right here create your Amazon account okay so fill that out hit create your Amazon account now they’re gonna verify your email.

so that you got to put the OTP in to right here okay so this will be the email you get you’re gonna have to take your one-time password copy it and,

then we’re gonna go back to our page right here paste it in here and then hit create your Amazon account alright now they’re gonna have us fill out a couple more things.

so for sake of speed and just not wanting to screw up my own Amazon account I’m not gonna actually fill this out but it’s very simple just follow this to a tee and then the.

one thing I want to tell you is right here on the website and mobile app list okay so they do require you to have a website in which you can use the link in my bio.

out to either click funnels or get a web hosting but I’ve heard from other people that you can actually just put like a social media website like to your Facebook or whatever,

and they approve people that way it’s up to you how you want to do it you may or may not have a website already but try that if it doesn’t work let me know to reach out,

I can help you with whatever you need okay so it’s very simple I’m gonna show you on mine what it looks like once you have it so let’s go to Amazon real quick and,

you can see right here you see this Amazon Associates thing right up here let’s just click this deal the day right so what I would do is.

I would click on this and then I could just hit text and then after hitting text you can have this link and I used the short link and this is your Amazon affiliate link okay.

so we’re gonna copy this and I’m gonna go back to this and we’re gonna put it into the browser up here okay.

so I want to show you you can see right here all this stuff in the URL you can see right here my name T Garrett’s – 20 that’s my affiliate link.

so if someone purchases this now I earn a commission so it’s very simple and that’s step one you got to sign up as an affiliate,

so you can actually get paid and again if you have any questions at all put them in the comments down below if you’re stuck or whatever,

I’m happy to help alright so now I told you I was gonna show you the best products to promote and how to promote the right,

so the best products to promote you can look at here these are the percentages and this is the one true negative I have about amazon’s affiliate program is because it’s physical products.

I mean a lot of it obviously they have Kindle and all that stuff but because it’s basically physical products it’s a lot of costs involved right like you got shipping and product costs all that stuff.

so the percentages are much lower than say digital products and courses and stuff like that now the best products to promote are obviously the ones that are higher ticket and get bigger percentages.

but I’m gonna show you a way to kind of offset this and how to just monetize in so many different ways and truly,

I’d say the best products to promote are the ones that people are just crazy about like obviously people are super passionate about what beauty health wellness gaming things like that.

where people just are hugely crazy and you can see right here video games Beauty like furniture home movement stuff like those pets.

like so much of that stuff is insane but I also want to show you what I think is the best way to promote these products,

and that goes with the third step is how to promote them okay and this is with free traffic, okay and if you go to youtube and look at top five picks or ten best ones this is the strategy.

that you want to use and it’s with YouTube and they’re literally monetizing their entire channel by doing top ten product reviews top five product reviews,

and you don’t even have to have your face in the video that’s the best part like this guy he has his face in the thumbnail he doesn’t show his face in the video,

I don’t even know if it’s his voice, to be honest with you and the reason why this is so powerful is that you’re not just monetizing one product you’re monetizing all five or all ten so it’s insane and I can’t show you the video,

I don’t want to get like a check or whatever I don’t want to get in trouble for that but basically, I’ll explain it the best.

I can so you have five student laptops right or let’s go over here top five gaming headsets, okay so you go to Amazon and you look up the five best gaming headsets.

literally what they do is they read them off from fifth to first best okay and literally what they do is a lot of them just have robot voice they don’t show their face they’re just showing like little short snippets of product reviews,

product demos pictures like it’s not their own content and they’re just editing it together and then they’re literally reading off the like if you go to Amazon here let’s go to Amazon quick.

I’ll show you what they’re reading off they’re literally like in the product description you can go in here and they have like these key points.

I swear they’re literally reading off these key points maybe a little edited into their own words but that’s how simple this is literally.

I almost chose this business model for myself because it’s just so powerful because again you’re monetizing all the products it doesn’t matter which one you put is the number one best.

they could think the third ones the best or the fifth ones the best and people are gonna buy different ones and you’re gonna monetize all those products it’s literally.

so easy if you go to these guys videos they’re uploading pretty much daily I mean this guy uploads daily and it’s literally like,

if you don’t know how to edit the video you can hire that out on Fiverr if you don’t want to have your voice in it you could either have robot voice or hire someone on Fiverr to read your script,

that you type out like it’s so simple and this business model is absolutely insane okay and these two aren’t the only channels on YouTube like this but literally they give you the blueprint.

you can go to channels like this one or use this channel and just do the videos they’re doing in your own words.

I mean literally, it’s that simple just go through all of them luck Beste bender his best laptops best humidifiers and you can go super niche down like look.

so where was it it was like the best student laptops right and then he has the best Lenovo laptops the best laptops from HP and with Amazon there’s.

so many products it’s absolutely insane so that’s my suggestion if you’re gonna go with this strategy okay so just literally model after success and do it but,

if for some reason this isn’t for you and you really don’t want to mess with it I’d suggest checking out the first link in the description that’s my number one affiliate program that,

I promote and it’s a digital product with higher commissions and it’s the training that truly teaches you how to do this the proper way.

so that’s my only other suggestion if you don’t want the lower Commission’s because of course this takes work this isn’t easy it’s probably the easiest way to do this but.

I mean it takes work just like anything and the program the first link in the description isn’t easy either but it is the training that can kind of guide you step-by-step,

and it’s all in one right you can also promote the program and I’ve been earning some insane commissions with it fifty-five hundred in the last month getting on leaderboards absolutely insane and,

I’ve never had results like this it’s completely changed everything for me in my business so I couldn’t recommend it any higher and again.

if you have any questions at all please put them in the comment down below and with that being said thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it seriously.


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