How to Add an Image in the WordPress Sidebar Widget: 4 Simple Ways


Do you want to add an image to a sidebar widget in WordPress? Well, keep reading, in this article I’ll show you four methods you can use to add images to your sidebar area in WordPress.

The first thing you want to do is head over to your WordPress dashboard and from there we want to go to our Appearance area, Widgets and there are a few ways you can do it from the widget area.

The first one is, find the image widget so we’ll just grab that. I’ll left-click and drag it over to my main sidebar area and from here you can add a title and add an image.

By default, it’ll open up all the images that you have on your website and you can also upload a file from here if it’s not on your website yet.

From here you just want to select the image that you want. Make sure that you have the alt text filled out and the title and once you’re done click add to the widget and now you have an image for your sidebar.

You could also choose to link it to a particular website or a page on your site if you want. Once you’re done make sure you click save changes and now you have an image on your sidebar area.

So adding an image like that is quite easy but what if you need to add an image but also a little bit of text or HTML information? Well to do that let’s head back over to our widgets area.

For this, I’m gonna delete the image that I just added and now let’s look for the text widget right here so I’m gonna left click and drag that up to my sidebar area again.

Again you can fill out the title, from here you can add the media, pick the same one, make sure you have the information filled out and click insert into post,

says post but we know it’s in the widget area, and once we have the image you can also add the text that you want to add.

Again make sure you click save changes and then we can go to our site to see that one in action and now you see it over here.

The third method you can use is by doing a little bit more of a manual process. So I’m going to delete this one.

Since I already have the image that I want to add uploaded I’m gonna click on my Media area. I’m gonna click on the image that I want to add and I want to get the URL of the image so this is the one I want.

You want to make sure that you right-click and copy the whole thing. Once you have that image location we can close out of that, go back to our Appearance, the Widgets area,

and this time we want to add custom HTML so I’m gonna left click and drag that up to my sidebar, add a title, and with this one, we want to add specific code.

If you’re going to add custom HTML you want to make sure that you have the code that you need and if we’re doing image we’re going to use the image tag which requires the source and the alt filled out

so once I put that information in there this is the full URL of where that image is located and then we’ve also filled out the alt text information.

That’s all you need to do for that. You want to make sure you click save changes and we can refresh and again you see that here.

Now the final method actually doesn’t use a widget but we’ll be using a plugin. To do that let’s head over to our Plugins area, we’ll click Add New,

and we’re searching for Image Widget. This is the one we want so let’s click install now and with all plugins, once it’s installed you’ll also want to make sure you click activate.

Once it’s activated let’s head back over to Appearance, Widgets and we’ll find the new widget over here. We’re looking for Image Widget so let’s left click and drag that.

From here we can select an image, pick the one we’re looking for, and click insert into the widget.

Now scrolling down you have the title as well as if you want the link to open in a new window or if you want it to stay on the same window.

If you link to another URL and you can also do the alignment here. Once you’re done with all that go ahead and click save and we’ll see this in action.

So those are four methods that you can use to add an image to your sidebar widget area in WordPress.


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