How To Easily Add Google Adsense To Your WordPress Website [Google Adsense Tutorial]


what’s up party people my name is Rohan gavai and today in this article I’m going to be showing you all how to add Google AdSense to your website.

now google Adsense allows you to make passive income through your website by enabling advertisements these ads can be placed anywhere on your website,

and today in this video I’m going to show you how to put them on your website today step by step so I’ll be walking you all through the process of start to finish.

so we’re going to make a website with no ads and by the end of this video, this new website will have advertisements just like my website.

so we’re gonna put ads on your website in three simple steps step one we will sign up for a Google Adsense account now this is a hundred percent free does not cost anything to get started.

step two we will connect your website with google and google Adsense and step three I’ll show you how you can insert ads pretty much anywhere you want on your website.

so this is my current WordPress website and this is something that you can expect to have on your website on the right side we have this advertisement and,

if we scroll down we have another one and if we keep scrolling down we have another one now you can place these ads anywhere you want.

you can limit the ads you can you all have full control and flexibility over the advertisements on your website.

that’ll help you generate money so with that said let’s go to step one so step one we will sign up for a free Adsense account you can click on get started.

now I want to bring you to this page where you’re going to insert your website URL so this is going to be your domain your email address you can choose to get emails from Adsense.

if you want to and once you’re done with this page you will click on save and continue okay so next I’ll need to verify that it’s actually me.

so I will click on next now I’ll go ahead and put in my password now if you don’t have a Gmail account you will need to make a free Gmail account and this is required for AdSense.

so you cannot be using other email addresses you must be using a free Gmail account once you have put in your password you will click on next all right awesome.

so right now we are signing up for AdSense just go ahead and make sure that this is correct so your domain is correct,

you can change this information you can go ahead and put in your country.i am in the united states.

so I will go ahead and scroll down to united states and of course, you have to agree to their terms of service which I’m sure you’re all going to read this and,

once you’re done reading that you will click on yes I have read and accepted the agreements and click on create accounts.

okay cool so this is the current home page and this is kind of like a wizard so I clicked on get started so what you’ll do is you’ll go ahead and put in your name and your personal information you’ll put the account type.

if this is yourself or specific business and you’ll go ahead and put in all this information right here and then click on submit once you’re done all right cool.

so this is the AdSense page now google wants us to take this code and put it into our theme however we are going to use a plugin that was created by Google that’ll make this process a lot easier.

so you’ll go back to your WordPress website and you will log into your dashboard so you’ll go to your dashboard plugins and add new sites as these sites there.

it is scikit by google so you can just type in google and this is the plugin that you’ll need and it was created by Google.

so this makes things a lot easier so you’ll click on install now and then you’ll click on activate once this is done you can click on go to dashboard alright.

so once you have google site kit installed on the left side you’ll click on settings in the middle part you’ll see connect more services now these are a few of google services.

so you can connect the google analytics you can connect page speed insights tag manager and the left side we see AdSense so right here it says set up AdSense click on that all right.

so once you’ve installed the plugin it’ll take you to this page here where it wants you to sign in with google so click on sign in with google and now.

we’re going to connect our website with google Adsense so click on sign in with google next it’s going to say grant site permission.

I will say allow and allow next google wants to know what we can have access to so view your AdSense data view and manage search console for your data and manage the list of websites and domains you control for this.

so i will click on allow all right next it’s saying proceed so i will click on proceed okay next it wants access to our information.

so we can store it on our dashboard so we don’t have to keep going to google AdSense to look at our revenue so click on allow and we can also add this search console to make things a lot easier.

so I’ll go ahead and add my website and congratulations you are all done your website is now fully integrated with AdSense pretty simple right before you have to do a lot of code.

but now with this plugin, it’s pretty simple so click on go to my dashboard alright so our website is now connected with search console.

so on the AdSense just click on connect service so everything’s pretty much done at this point you now have google Adsense setting up on your website right here.

where it says to go to your assets account to check on your site status click on that right there and it should take you to this page and we’re going to go ahead.

and say I have pasted the code into my website and click on done so the code was found and here I will click on got it awesome now again this is reviewing your websites.

and this can take maybe a few days but I’m gonna go ahead and step further and show you how to place ads on your website once it gets approved.

okay so once you log into your AdSense account everything is approved this will be your new dashboard so it’ll show you how much money you’ve made the impressions,

which is how many times people have sawed the ad it’ll show you the cost per click and it’ll also show you the click so you can see my balance is pretty high because,

i do have a lot of people clicking on ads which is a good thing I’m making money so on the left side you’ll see ads and you’ll also see sites,

so click on ads and this is going to be the site that.i have listed so your site should appear right here if it doesn’t appear just.

go ahead and go through the process again of trying to get your domain verified it might take a few days guys so that’s really out of my control nothing

i can do about that also what you’ll need to do before you actually place ads is you will need to go ahead and put in your bank account information.

so you’ll need to put in your bank account information because they need to pay you so go ahead and make sure that you add your bank account information.

so google AdSense can pay you now there is a hundred dollar threshold so what that means is they will not pay you until you reach a hundred dollars worth of ads.

so you want to get more traffic and if you do want to get more traffic I have a video in the description below on how to get more traffic to your website now let’s go ahead and go back to sites.

so we have our sites listed here so whenever you add your domains they’ll be listed right here where you can run advertisements on your websites on the left side again we will see ads now google always updates this and they always add things.

so if this tutorial looks out of date it’s really not it’s just that Google constantly changes stuff so you’ll click on buy add unit.

so we have four different types of ads we have display ads in-feed ads in article ads and matched content now I’m going to show you each of these just.

so you understand what these are because I actually have all of them on my website I know I’m awesome so I will click on one of my blog posts and we have ad number one.

so this right here would be something of an in-article ad so it’s something that is within the article if I scroll down we will see the sidebar ad.

so this ad would be something like a display ad display ads you can pretty much put anywhere and they also are responsive.

so they’ll adapt to your websites and it’ll look correct it’ll look clean so if I keep scrolling down I’ll see this advertisement right here I don’t even know where this company is brilliance.

they’re getting free advertisements just by me making this video but uh if you want this ad you will go ahead and look at the in-feed ads and then match contents.

where it’s on the bottom of your page now you can go ahead and enable auto ads on your website so as of right now.

i have auto ads on my website which I don’t really recommend because it makes your site look kind of spammy and you don’t really have control of where the ads go.

so let me go back to my google assets account and show you the automatic ads so if I click on sites you will see and I believe it’s actually under ads sorry.

yeah there it is so under ads so this is auto ads will automatically place the ads for you now you can always go that routes or,

you can go ahead and turn that off anytime by clicking on the pencil and then right here checking off auto ads so that’s something that.

if you want to do that’s really up to you however if you want to add each one individually and specifically all you need to do is copy and paste the code and paste it on your website.

so, for example, I will take the display ads and these are the ads that will be displayed on my website so I’m going to call this a sidebar ad because my plan is to place this on the sidebar,

and i will click on creates now remember google will allow you to make as much money as you want but at the cost of making your site look spammy.

so that’s really up to you of how many ads you want to add on your website just be mindful be careful you don’t want to have a really spammy ugly website.

so what I’ll do is I’ll copy this code I’ll go back to my website now if I want to place this on my sidebar I’ll need to go ahead and go to my widgets on my sidebar and simply paste the code.

so I’ll go to my widgets now this will work for pretty much any theme it’ll work for pretty much any page builder as well so in your widgets section you will see the text code.

so you will see uh this right here the arbitrary text we’re going to take this and I’m going to put it in the sidebar like that and under the text section you need to click that,

I will paste this right there and then save and we are all done so now that advertisement will be displayed on the sidebar and that’s it I’ll go back over here and,

I’ll say this is done and I want the infeed at this time now there are two types there is let google suggest which is what I recommend and there’s also create the ad style manually,

so what google gonna do it’s actually gonna scan your website and pick the best colors and scheme based off your website’s color and scheme or you can click on create your ad manually.

and you can create your own specific ad for your website for this video I’m just going to let google suggest because this you’re going to go ahead and change the fonts.

you can change the color you can basically design the ads specifically towards your website scheme but I’m just going to let google suggest a style.

so I’ll put on my website and I will click on scan now it’s getting a little bit more information about my websites to create ads that are appropriate for my SK my color scheme okay.

so it sees my website and I’ll pick something that it might resemble so I’ll pick this little section here and then I’ll click on next and now it’s going to basically try to create something similar,

that’ll fit my website but also make the ad look appropriate so you can see how the the the text is bold and it also did take the font as well,

so I’ll say you know what that looks fine so once you’re done customizing your ad with the colors and the borders or whatever you want to do you can click on save and get code alright and,

once you’re done you will take the code also if you’re using a page builder like Divi frizzy or element you can simply type in HTML and take the HTML widgets and put it on your website and.

then you can copy and paste the AdSense code inside and then you should get an advertisement that looks something like this.

so that’s how you can display advertisements with page builders using WordPress some of you also might be using the Gutenberg page builder.

which is the default WordPress editor for WordPress in order to display ads with Gutenberg on the top left you’ll click on this plus icon you’ll find the custom HTML block.

you’ll click on it and then you’ll paste the AdSense code inside the block and if you want to see the ad you can click on preview and this is your new advertisement and it should be displayed like this on whatever post,

or page that you put for your website so that’s pretty much it make sure to check back to see if the ads are approved and then go ahead

and follow every step in this article and I promise you all you will have advertisements on your website so you can all start making money.


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