How To Easily Host A Zoom Meeting With WordPress

how to host zoom meeting in wordpress

what’s up party people my name is Rohan gavai and today in this video I’ll be showing you how you can integrate zoom onto your WordPress website.

it’s really simple actually let’s just dive into it okay so let me give you a demonstration of how this plug-in works I’ll first click on my zoom meetings and here the zoom meetings will display.

so you can set the meetings to be at a specific time or you can make them live right away for the meeting status you can see that the meeting is currently in progress.

we have the time it started the time zone the duration your users can actually join via the zoom app and they can also join via the web browser

so I will go ahead and join via the web browser I will type my name Rohan gavai and select join and ta-da now I am in a zoo meeting with two other participants you can see there are two people here in this group with me

so I’ll show you how you can quickly set this up on your WordPress website okay so first let’s go ahead and install the free plugin

so let’s go to our dashboard we’ll go to plugins and click on add new next under the search plugins I’ll type in zoom I think a lot of people now are using zoom because of the whole coronavirus thing a lot of corporations united states are all using the zoom

their stock has gone up a lot and I do own zoom stock so on the left side you’ll see zoom conferencing with the zoom you’ll click on install now then you’ll click on activate alright cool

so we now installed the zoom plugin on the left side you’ll see zoom meeting but under settings, you’ll click on settings so this is where we’re going to enter in our API key in order to connect our website with zoom

so open up a new browser and you’re gonna go to a url as zoom dot us, dash developer, okay and then press on entering and i’ll bring you to this page

right here the first thing you’ll do is click on develop and you’ll click on build app the app that you want is called but you can click on create now

I already have one so I will click on view here and first, you’ll enter in some basic information about the application so you can put the app name the company name and any other information

that you want the links are optional you do not have to put any of this and you can even upload your own little image you can see me right there when I was I was that was like five years no

I was like eight years ago actually so but on the bottom, you click on continue next you’ll see your API key and your API seeker key but before we copy this just click on continue again

and you’ll want to go ahead and make sure the app is activated so once the app is fully activated you’ll go back to your app credentials and

we can copy this API key and then we’ll go ahead and paste it right here and you’ll go over here and take the API secret yada yada yada

I’m sure you’ve done all this before and paste it there once you’re done you’ll scroll to the bottom and click on save changes now you can always test the API to see if it’s working by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on check API connection

it says API connection is good please refresh okay now that we have the API settings integrated we can now create a zoom meeting so on the left side you’ll see

add new click on add new so here you’ll give your meeting a name so what is the name of your meeting I’ll do something like WordPress friends with Daryl on the bottom

you’ll select the meeting host nowhere you can put some description about the meeting if you choose to do that here you can enter in some start dates

so you can put the time and the dates and make sure you actually put the correct time zone because the meetings will actually uh correspond with whatever

time zone it’s currently um you’re currently on so I’m going to select the meeting in the past because I want to show you how this works right now you can also have a password sets

so here are some various options that you can have with zoom so you can join the meeting before the host starts the meeting you can start the video

when the host joins to start the video when other people join and you can mute everybody so once you have set all your settings you’ll click on publish alright cool next you’ll take this shortcode and now we will paste this shortcode on our website

so I’ll go to visit sites I’ll go to my zoom meeting section and I will edit page now, of course, you can use any page builder you can even use the default Gronberg just to paste the shortcode

once that’s in you’ll click on updates now that we actually pasted the zoom meeting inside of the website we now need to start the meeting

so let’s go to zoo meetings and click on all meetings this time so here is a list of all of the meetings that you have so the one I have is WordPress friends with Darrell and

i will click on start the meeting now before I do that if you have the application on your website you might want to click on start meeting this will start the application on your computer

you can join the meeting or you can start via browser if you do not have a zoom on your computer now I already do have a zoom on my computer

so I will click on start meeting so I’m going to join this video call so I’ll click on join with computer audio and I can even start the video

if I want to do that and here I am so I am now in the meeting pretty cool right so let’s go uh let’s go back to our uh websites

so now that the meeting’s active people can actively join the meeting whoever comes to our website so let’s do that I’m gonna go to a new browser and just join the meeting like

I’m just some random person now remember you can always apply a password if you don’t want random people joining your zoom meetings

so here I am as a new user I will click on zoom meetings and here are the meeting WordPress friends with Daryl the meeting is currently in progress and I can join via a browser

so I’ll click on join I will put in my name Rohan and click on join so now that we’re trying to join the meeting the host will be notified someone is trying to join the meeting

so let’s go ahead and let them in so Rohan has entered the waiting room for this meeting I will admit them and that’s it

so now we have the participants in the room and now we have a full conversation with the people from our website

so that’s how you integrate zoom onto your WordPress website and that’s pretty much it we are all done.

if you guys have any other questions feel free to let me know in the comments below zoom is a very popular new application or it’s not new but everyone’s using it now because of the coronavirus it’s free it’s a lot better than skype and you can have tons of people in your meeting.


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