How to Install a WordPress Theme

How to Install a WordPress Theme

today I’m going to show you how to properly install a WordPress theme on your WordPress website and will show you two different methods

whether you’re doing the free theme from the WordPress repository or if you’ve purchased a premium theme

and you’ve downloaded it on your desktop and now you’re trying to figure out how to get it on your website we’ll cover both those methods

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where we go over how to install your theme the first thing you want to do is let’s head over to our website and

we’re going to log in to our dashboard the easiest way to log into your dashboard is once you type in the address of your website do forward-slash WP dash, admin

and that will take you to your login screen where you can log in and you might want to bookmark that so you have easy access for that now from the dashboard

we need to go over to appearance themes so we can work on the theme now by default when WordPress is downloaded and installed for your website it automatically comes with a default theme

so you already have a default theme installed on your website and right now at the time of this tutorial 20 20 is the default theme used yours might be a little bit later or you might be a little bit earlier

but you typically will have just one and you can tell that we just have one because it takes up this whole space and you see the current theme and you can come down here and make adjustments

but what we want to do is if you’re installing one from the WordPress theme repository we’re going to click add new and now you have access to all of the thousands of themes that are free

or a freemium base meaning basic elements are free and then if you want a little bit more was being information than you could upgrade but they’re all here and they start off by featured

so they’re featuring different themes to look at here you can also go by popular these are the most popular downloads you see these are all the previous themes that were installed in the previous years with WordPress

if you keep scrolling you also see a few more like the Astros very popular ocean wpe as well hello Elementor so go through and pick the one that you want for your website if you’re not really sure you can also do a feature filter meaning

if you know what you want your website to do or to have different features then you can go through and check those off here and apply the filters and then you’ll see some that will be specific to the filters that you have for this tutorial

I know which one I’m going to install I want to install the Astra theme it’s just really easy to use a free theme that is a freemium version so there are some higher things that you can do

if you go to the premium but everything that I want for this will be perfect for this tutorial so I’m gonna go ahead and click install what’s it’s installed it’s not quite activated it just means that it’s now in my website or on my website

but it’s not activated we can either do a live preview to see what it will look like or I’m just gonna go ahead and activate it now great once it’s activated

we can open it up in a new window and I right click and open in a new window and you see it has changed we even see a powered by Astra WordPress theme down here

and you notice it doesn’t quite look like what it was supposed to or what I assumed it would look like and don’t worry we’ll cover a couple of tips on how to get your theme on your site to look like the theme and the demo later on in the video

so make sure you stick around for that the other thing we want to do is once we go back here if you don’t see add new or if you don’t see manage themes then you’re likely in WordPress com and this tutorial is all about WordPress org

if you’re not sure which one we’re talking about then we have a link in the description below on comparing the WordPress calm and

on which one you should choose the main thing is if you’re working in WordPress com where you have like your site WordPress com that you’re linked into

then you’re limited in the things that you can do for your site and that’s why we’ll always recommend working in a WordPress org where you work with a hose and company like Bluehost or SiteGround

and you have complete control over your website so if you’re not seeing that that’s the biggest reason why but we have this installed now what

if you’ve gone out you’ve purchased a premium theme and you’ve downloaded it to your desktop now how do you get it up here that’s typical

if you’ve gone through like studiopress or elegant themes maybe themify and you’ve found a theme that you like let me walk you through how to do that for instance

I’m using studiopress and I’ve downloaded a premium theme called magazine Pro that I want to upload I’ve downloaded it to my desktop so we just need to go back to our dashboard

make sure we go back to appearance themes I’m going to close this out and you see we don’t have two themes to choose from this one is the active theme

you can see that by the banner down here and then this one’s on here but it’s not active but we could choose that if we wanted to but now we want to upload this one

we need to click add new again and instead of searching over here we’ve got this button that now turns into upload theme where now we can choose the file and also left-click drag it up or choose file and go find

where the theme is and then we’ll upload it now when you get the theme from the account it will download as a zip make sure it stays as a zip you don’t have to resit or anything simply upload the zip file that you get from the account

so we’re gonna upload this and we’ll want to install it and while that’s installing another thing I want to talk about real quick is one of the best ways to find out how your site is doing is by having something on your site

like monster insights mustard insights does a great job of telling you how much traffic your site is getting right in your dashboard where the traffic is coming from what your top pages are what your top referrers are

so who’s refering your site whether it’s Facebook Pinterest Twitter anything like that Buster insights connects your site with Google Analytics

so you know all the data and make data-driven decisions on your website to get started with monster insights just head over to most or insights calm and make sure you use promo code

WP be VIP to get the best discount on monster insights and now let’s head back over our theme should have been uploaded for Genesis to work you also want to upload the Genesis framework

so I have uploaded that as well and now we see some themes that are available for us this is the magazine Pro and that’s the one we just uploaded where we can either live preview it and let me just show you what this looks like real quick

so you can do a quick live preview of how the site looks and again like the other one it doesn’t quite look how we want simply because we need to add some information but now that’s uploaded and now you can activate it to use it on your site now

we’ve talked about how it doesn’t quite look like the demo site and that’s a problem with so many themes

and there’s a few ways that you can get around this first make sure you look at the documentation of the developer where the themes that there should be documentation and step-by-step walkthrough on how to get your site to look like the demo site

so look through that even reach out to the theme developers if you’ve purchased it then you have support from them as well the next thing you want to look at is look at themes that might have starter packs or demo content that you can install and what these do is they’ll install all the plugins that you need to make your site look

just like the demo site they’ll install some what’s called demo content or dummy content to make it look exactly like that for instance astra does something like starter templates that you can use and it involves installing a plug-in

where I go step by step on how to install a plug-in for your website but for this one we’re just gonna go over to plugins add new type in Astro starter template and this is what

we want so let’s go ahead and install and they will also want to stick around and activate it like we do with the themes as well great now that

we see that here we can either click on see library or let’s go back over to appearance starter templates and this is only going to work for the Astra theme if you have that installed first they’re assuming that you’ll probably

also have a page builder you can choose which page builder you’re going to choose you’re going to work with Gutenberg is basically the default WordPress block so we’re going to choose that and here are all of the starter themes that you can choose from

so go through here and basically find the one that you want your site to look like this one looks really good when you click on it you see different templates that will come with that and everything

so what you can do is say import complete site and what it’s going to do is make your site look exactly like this demo so let’s go ahead and click import site and we’ll give you some information that you might need since I’ve done this before

I’m going to go ahead and just say delete previous items import customizer settings so they’re going to import all of the settings that they have that make this site look like that they’re going to import widgets and they’re going to install some required plugins

if you don’t already have any you can click on the little question mark to see what all it will install and depending on what you have it’ll install maybe a few more like WP forms light which is a great forms plug-in and

then also import some demo or dummy comment content and we wanted to do all of that so let’s go ahead and click import and it’ll import everything for you great now we can view the site and I’m actually going to close out here

I want you to see this is what this site did look like and now when we refresh the site is set up and that’s the way to do it is you want to install a theme and you want it to look exactly how the demo is showing you

so that’s one of the easiest ways to do that and now this is perfect for your site make sure you do something like that and then of course you’re going to want to customize it a

little bit more make sure you watch this video next very next one where I walk you through on exactly how to customize your site where you get a starter site

and you start from scratch but you customize it to the look and feel and where we set up logos as well as different areas on your page make sure you take a look at that one to see.


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