How to Make a Logo For Free (Step by Step)


hey there today you’re going to learn how to create a logo for your website and we’re going to do it for free this is perfect if you don’t have the money to pay for a professional logo

you’re just starting out or maybe you just don’t have the funds that you want to spend on a logo i’ll walk you through how you can do that and in fact

we have several different logo makers to choose from if you want to check out the article in the description below we’ll cover the nine different logo makers that are free

so you can get up and running quickly but for this article, I’m going to be using the constant contacts logo maker which is perfect for you to set up and get a logo for your website hey everyone

I’m Rohan with BloggingGhost where we teach all about WordPress so you can grow your website and reach your audience and sometimes having the perfect brand for your website

is a great way to attract your audience so from the article on the best logo maker I’m just going to click on the constant contact logo maker link and then

we can click on the button to start your logo for free which is perfect and what’s cool about this is it’s assisted by artificial intelligence

so as soon as you start to type things in then it will come up with some ideas for instance this is my demo blog it’s an outdoor adventure blog this is the current logo it’s really just

my font or my outdoor adventure you know stacked in a certain way which is okay for just starting out but maybe we want a little bit some something a little bit more special or something a little bit different

so let’s go back here and you can type in your brand name or the name of your site and you see as soon

as I type that in it’s starting to bring up some ideas for some logos to do you can also add your tagline or your slogan down here and you see that brings it in as well for this I just want to keep it simple and

I’m going to keep the tagline off I just want my logo my brand name and maybe an icon so searching through here you can see and

if you don’t see anything that you want you can still say more add more and then I’ll bring in a few more for you to choose from and you can just keep doing that until you find something that’s close enough for you

that you can work with and I think for this one we’re gonna pick this one it was between that one and this other one now they do want you to create a free account

and that’s so you can easily save your files so we’ll create a quick account great and once you set up an account then you come here where we can make all the changes that we want

so, for instance, we can make the variations more modern style you see all these changing that we could choose from you could do classic if you prefer and we have some changes here do handwritten and go through and just pick the one that you think would work for you and then

if there’s one that you like then you can click on it and it’ll bring it over like that just was slightly different but different enough and from here we have a symbol

if you like this symbol you can use that over here you can choose the layout whether you want no symbol if you want on the left or the right

if you want on top that would be perfect if you had a slogan so we’re going to keep it on the top and notice if we also

if we don’t want that symbol we can say replace symbol and we can go through here and pick out something else maybe mountain for me

I want that mountain area perfect and now we can work on these shapes so if I click on the whole area I’m also given these items that

i can choose from this doesn’t look bad the double circle gives it a little bit more modern style a little bit more modern look this is pretty good too where it’s just a little bit more open

so that wouldn’t be bad either and you see anytime you’re clicking on things it also brings up different variations for you depending on what you’re clicking on but we’ll go back to the double circle and that’s not bad we’ll go with that and then we want to look at colors I’m actually not too hip on the colors of my site are actually this um this color

so I’m going to use that as my base you can even do explore color themes if you want to change it up a little this might be a little bit more outdoorsy that looks pretty good

so then I’m gonna go with that minimal color I might even go with this here and I kind of like the different color scheme here like that you can also choose to capitalize everything like that you can also do multi-line or all on the same page

we like the multi-line we do like the color mix but you could change that on how much of a mixture you want font size you can make that bigger or smaller and the letter line height that’s to give you a little bit more breathing room between the two lines

and then the line spacing will give you more breathing room between the letters so you can play with all of that  looks okay so I’m pretty happy with that

i mean it’s a real simple process you just want to go through and pick the one that looks good for you I’m going to save this and you could even preview it here

and it kind of gives you an idea of what it will look like on multiple areas like a website or coffee mugs or backpack things like that that looks pretty good also on Facebook any of your Instagram sites or any of your social media sites

so that looks pretty good so we’re going to go back and what I like about it also is it gives you the color scheme so you can use on your website

so if I were to change this colors out then I have that color scheme that I know so because we set up an account we can go ahead and click download and it will also save all this information for us

so we can save files and we can save them locally and what’s cool about is it gives you a zip file that also gives you multiple file types

so I’m going to open this zip file up to show you what it has we’ve got a png which is perfect if you want transparent background you’ll want to use the png and then

we also have an SVG a vector which means that if you make it bigger or smaller when you make it bigger it’s not going to be pixelated it’s going to keep its shape and look really good

if you use it so now we have a logo for our website and if you’re doing a logo that means you’re probably

just starting out with your website one of the best ways to start with your website is by installing a plug-in like seed prod see prod is an easy to use drag and drop coming soon

page and maintenance mode paid plugin for WordPress the cool thing about seed pride in the coming student lets you work on your website in the background

but then you can com you can promote it to all of your friend’s social media gather email lists while you’re still working on launching your website and they have several themes

and items to choose from you can also do a countdown timer to really build up a little bit of momentum and a little bit of excitement for your website to get started with CPR.


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