How to make money blogging (The Practical Guide for 2020)

How To Make Money Blogging hey guys welcome to our website today I will show you How can you Built a $100,000/Month from a Blog and 10 Simple Steps to know

here’s what we made our first year blogging here’s what we made our second year blogging.✅

and here’s what we made our third year blogging safe to say learning “how to make money blogging” blogging changed my life forever.

how to make money blogging

the Right Way Just Like A Home Needs A Great foundation So Does Your Blog We Do This in Three Easy Steps

1️⃣ Start your blog right way

how to start your blog and make money blogging, if you don’t know how to create a blog then I will help you here so let’s do it in three easy steps.

1.choose the right blog niche

the first question most people have, when blogging is . what the hell do I blog about? most people end up overthinking this process.

the mistake most people make is when they start out they start trying to like the sole search for their passion or go on some yoga Zen meditation retreat to find enlightenment and find their purpose.

but the truth is, this is kind of the opposite of what you need to do because when finding your purpose or finding your passion.

it happens through taking action and getting feedback from the action that you’re taking.

so I’d start your blog about something that you either have experience in or something that you want to learn about Lauren

I started our health and wellness blog that made love 10 grand a month before we started creating.

go because we loved health and wellness, she was a vegan , you may be a personal trainer it was just part of our another way to think about this is what topic or subject .

do you bring up all the time with your friends and family like the one that you bring up over Thanksgiving and Christmas and during the holidays ?

no my god he’stalking about dogs again and different dog breeds and the different subsections of dog breeds that’s a good topic for you to talk about on your blog

so choose a blog niche and a topic that you are either interested in learning about are something that you kind of already know about the

2. select your domain name

so the domain is another word for URL and the URL of youtube is again this is another place where most people spend a lot of time.

it’s kind of easily forgettable it’s four syllables but again that blog made over 15 grand per month it still makes us fifteen grand per month to this day almost automatically on autopilot

so your name really doesn’t matter when it comes to a business in blogging you’d be surprised by how little names actually mean Samsung could be a local musicstore

Avis could be a place where you bought drones on the internet and SpaceX could be a website dedicated solely to astronaut horn the thing that defines these

businesses are not their name perse it’s what they do so don’t ever think if you don’t have to come up with some perfectly clever name to succeed as a blogger

3. set up your blog with the right hosting

in the right platform and by far the best place for you get started WordPress now I know there are some other options out there like Wix and Squarespace .

but the problem with those is those websites are more geared to stand-alone stagnant websites so something like a personal portfolio or a resume they’re really not that great

when it comes to getting continuous blog traffic coming in overtime to your blog and having continually updated posts they’re just not optimized .

for that what’s gonna end up happening if you start with a Squarespace or Wix is you’re gonna end up going back to WordPress anyway.

so just start there I understand that WordPress has kind of a higher learning curve for most people.

2️⃣ make your blog clean and beautiful

1.choose a responsive blog theme

choosing the right blog theme is like choosing the right or wrong car at a used-car dealership you choose.

the wrong car you’re gonna spend hours and headaches on the car breaking down and on maintenance on fixing everything.

it’s gonna be a constant hassle in your life versus if you choose the right car and you never have

any problems with it you’re gonna feel great right now the best free themes out there are flash blog, ocean WP and Hestia,

while some of the best-paid themes are Divi and Genesis and do not forget to install the Elementor plugin,

because it’s a great page builder that’s perfect drag and drop for a newbie wanting to get started, building their blog and making it look the way that you want to.

2. optimizing website for mobile

it is a very important part of blog design is optimizing the website for mobile . over 60 to 70 percent of visitors on the Internet

these days are visiting through their phones so some things might look amazing on your desktop .

it might look really good there will actually look like shit on a phone so always check your work and choose an easy to read fonts like a ladder open sands or Roboto,

because ain’t nobody got time to read that cute but illegible font okay so now you’ve started your blog

3️⃣ create the content people need

it’s time to answer the million-dollar question of what should I write about well this is actually.

a rather simple answer if your goal is to make money you need to create the content that other people are searching for on the internet.

every day millions of people type in searches into Google, Pinterest, YouTube when looking for videos and articles and blog posts trying to solve their problems.

if you’re able to serve that content to them. the best and get to the top of those search engines well it’s very easy to make money .

online okay it’s not super easy but it’s a lot easier than you think here’s how you do this first you start doing keyword research.

see there are all sorts of tools on the internet to see how often people are typing in certain terms .

so we can see that people look for how to make money blogging over one hundred thirty-five thousand times per month,

and that’s exactly why I’m “writing this article” start with a tool like keywords everywhere .

it’s a completely free Chrome extension that you can install and type in anywhere you type into a search bar you will be able to see the volume of that search term .

being looked at another great free tool that most people often underuse is Pinterest type in your topic into the search bar and hit enter after the page loads.

if you look to the right you will see all sorts of additional suggestions these are keywords people are looking for as well and using this method will help you come up with

endless topics that you can cover on your blog or website after using these tools for a while you can upgrade to more professional tools like semrush and Google’s keyword planner.

which will give you more accurate search data, now this doesn’t mean you only have to post things that people are searching for there’s room to create your own sort of unique content .

when making money blogging you just need to follow the80/20 rule 80% of the content that you create should be that things that people are searching for ,

and problems that they’re trying to solve and 20% should be where you flex on them a little bit and tell them a little bit more about you and blog ,

about the things that you want to write about ok so after your first 5 posts are written.

4️⃣ get traffic to your blog

there are lots of ways to get readers to your blog there’s Pinterest, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, guest blogging, email drips, forums Snapchat .

I’m sure a dozen more that I haven’t listed there the biggest tip that I can give you right off the bat is to start with one traffic source.

I know there are lots of entrepreneurs that you need to be everywhere and be on every social media and be on every platform,

but the truth is is that’s kind of a one-man show what ends up happening with most people is when they try to be everywhere .

they usually end up just sucking at everything that’s why we tell your followers to try to instead of sucking at everything master.

1 are two of these things is like red foreman said don’thalf-ass everything pull last one thing keep up with a smart mouth

and my foot will be nine-tenths of the way up yourass so the next question you should probably have is how do I find the perfect traffic source for my blog .

there are tons of different factors to consider here including competition type of platform demographics of your target market ,

and more so to make this simple here are my thoughts on the

top 5 traffic sources website

1] Facebook

Facebook has the most users of really any social platform but it also comes with the highest competition ,

and Facebook has recently made algorithmic changes that really don’t feature blog posts anymore .

it’s very few and far between that you’ll read blogs much where the content is geared towards memes and video content ,

and things that just don’t blog posts Facebook groups, however, are still going very strong ,

and it’s actually a great place to meet like-minded bloggers but it might not be the best source for driving traffic to your website ,

but that being said I wouldn’t write it out because those groups can be so valuable especially to beginners starting off .

we have a group called the honest “blogging ghost community” to find these groups you can just type in your search term into the Facebook search bar ,

and hit click groups and you’ll see dozens and dozens of groups on almost any topic again not the best way to drive traffic to your blog.

but a great way to interact with potential customers and peers and people you look up to in your industry

2] Instagram

you’ll find that Instagram follows a similar trajectory as Facebook where it has a high amount of users but it also has a high amount of competition ,

and the thing is it is a purely visual platform yeah you can write captions in the description but really if you’re not creating dope images

you’re not gonna get anywhere on Instagram so the niches you want to be in to succeed on Instagram are going to be mainly visual things like travel health and fashion work really

well because they’re visually stimulating unfortunately and something to keep in mind it’s kind of stupidly hard to get people off of Instagram ,

and on to your email list or on to your blog posts are over to your products people tend to stay inside of the app and Instagram is designed it that way that being said,

we’ve had students like the college nutritionist go to $10,000per month and more running a successful Instagram so it can be done.

3] Google

Google is similar to Facebook and Instagram that it has high competition but it comes with one big difference and that difference is that it’s a search platform so the people that type in how to make money blogging for example will continue to type that in month after month after month and you will get organic traffic coming in all the time this is very different than Instagram or Facebook where things are more viral in nature and then they die off over time so Facebook and Instagram you kind of have this constant need to roll out this new crazy mind-blowing content went on something like Google you can optimize your posts and

continueto be shown over andover and over again sucking in thatorganic traffic but obviously because ofthis value it’s very hard to get at thetop of search it can take a long time todo and just be prepared that if this isthe route that you want to go on youneed to go in for the long haul it mighttake you up to six months to get serioustraffic to your blog

4] YouTube

YouTube is an akin entirely completely different animal than the mall it is the highest barrier to entry by far ,

because most people do not want to get on camera and I understand why this barrier to entry provides .

actually, an easy way to connect with your audience build a following and drive them back to your blog and make purchases with them ,

but again comes with a high barrier to entry because shooting videos is difficult and very time-consuming,

so if you’re extraordinarily good-looking or like me and don’t mind being on camera YouTube might be a great option for you Pinterest last but not least

5] Pinterest

Pinterest Last But Not Least, Pinterest is favorite traffic source for bloggers is Pinterest Pinterest like youtube and Google .

is also a search engine so there’s that opportunity for organic traffic but unlike Google, it doesn’t take as long to get results .

we’ve had tons of people take our Pinterest traffic avalanches course and go from zero views to over 20 thousand views a month on their blogs,

because of its speed of results and the fact that you can get organic traffic, Pinterest does end up being .

our number one traffic source for bloggers if you’re in almost any niche I would definitely get Pinterest ,

a try alright so you built your blog you’ve designed it you start to get your first readers

your first visitors checking out the content that they want to see how it’s trying to turn those readers into raving fans

5️⃣build a subscriber fan club

I remember the look of contempt visitors gave me when I told him that we were gonna need to collect emails because.

he had always thought of balls and the inbox is just some terrible thing that she never wanted to do,

because all she got was spam all the time but here’s the truth about blogging is that

most people are never gonna buy your products until they’ve built up a certain level of trust with you and the best

the place to build that trust is through an email list we’ve tracked the data on click meter and ,

we can clearly see that our email list provides us much better purchase rates than just linking our products on our blog,

an email list is one of the most valuable assets you have as a blogger and setting it up is not as hard as you think

email list formula

1] create a lead magnet
Simple Download
Checklist / Simple Guide

simple download for people to have a checklist or simple guide will work you’ll want to create a small but helpful download for people so that they can give that you can give that to them.

2] Add Opt-Ins To Your Blog

in exchange for their email address then you need to add these opt-ins to your blog with an email subscriber service ,

like a convert it this is actually a very easy process to do this way when people are scrolling through your posts they see the opportunity to put it get your download ,

and they put in their email address and receive the download and finally what you’ll want to do is create an automated email sequence .

this is just an automated sequence of emails that you send after somebody gets your download these are called often an indoctrination campaign,

it’s more like a get-to-know-you thing where you’re kind of helping them out with whatever problem that they’re trying to solve at the same time.

sort of explaining a little bit about more about you about what you’re about why you created your blog again .

all design to build that trust and turn that subscriber into areally true fan great now your blog is all set up ,

it’s beautifully designed you’re getting people in the door you’re getting your fruit and first few subscribers,

now it’s time to make that money chase that paper get those dollar bills to get that skrilla sorry what are your superpowers again I’m rich okay

6️⃣learn 5 different ways to make money blogging

we’re gonna learn the different types of ways to make money and they’re really five of them what we’re gonna do now is ,

we’re gonna go over an overview of these different ways and then we’re gonna walk you through which steps you should start with a kind of what phases of your blogging journey.

1] Ads

the first way to make money is through ads now there are a few different types the first thing you probably know about our display ads .

these are ads that are your scrolling through content and then you’ll see an ad for something or like right before this YouTube video.

🔷 Display Ad

I’m sure there was a display ad another term for this is pay-per-click because when somebody clicks on it you get paid

🔷 Sponsored Ads

the second type of Ad is something called sponsored content this is when somebody like a big company pays you to write a review or write something about their product.

🔷 Giveaway

the third type of ad is a giveaway this is very similar to sponsor content but instead of the company paying you they give you their product for free .

2] Affiliate Marketing

I’ll get a second way that you can make money through your blog is through affiliate marketing .

where you earn money promoting another person’s product or service so let’s say you write a post about your top 5 favorite books on whatever your topic .

your blog is about what you can do is you can actually link those books in the blog posts themself and link them to amazon .

when somebody clicks and checks out that book and says and says okay that looks awesome.

I’m gonna buy it like the reviews you know four and a half stars looks good to me when they buy that product then you will get a small commission from Amazon and

that’s kind of affiliate marketing now an affiliate marketing is a huge category and you can make a lot of money on it and

I’ll go over that in the next section but just so you know it’s when you sell other people’s products or services through links on your blog.

3] sell your own digital products

now this is how Lauren and I make well over a hundred thousand dollars per month blogging is that we sell our own digital products and services ,

there are a few different kinds first are ebooks these are electronic books like kindle downloads there are printables and workbooks ,

where people can purchase a printable that you’ve created and print them out and use it for themselves something like a journal or a workbook .

before you make fun of that or think anything sarcastic about it I do know a blogger who makes over 200 grand per month.

selling printable mind-blown online courses so online teachings and pieces of training that where you can teach them via video .

finally there are membership websites where people pay a certain amount to get access to regularly updated content usually by yourself.

4] sell physical products

there are physical products we sell product probiotic called gut 14 on our health and wellness blog now you’ll find with physical products .

they’re actually a lot easier to sell because they’re tangible good right people can when they buy that product they get something tangible back,

but it’s much more satisfying usually than a digital product but also as well there are margins to be had,

so there you have to ship the product you have to create the product you have to manufacture the product .

that’s a that’s a lot more steps than selling something like a digital product but we’ll get into that note in a minute

5] services

speaking engagements digital services dog-walking speaking engagements for dog-walking, coaching, virtual assistants, freelance, writing and whatever service .

people are dogs or whoever needs you can sell it through your blog, in fact, it’s a great way to do this ,

because you’re already building massive trust with your audience, okay those are the types of ways to make money blogging.

now we’re gonna get into the nitty-gritty of where you should be starting

7️⃣start with ads and sponsored posts

the first thing that we see bloggers doing when they first start their website is usually running around trying to throw up GoogleAdsense on their website,

to make a quick buck, the problem is that the reality of your ad earnings are probably gonna fall pretty short of your expectations .

when we did this the first time I remember we threw up these ads and we thought we’re you’re gonna get a ton of we’re a ton of money coming in automatically per month,

because we had a decent readership there you know one of these days could be tomorrow I’m gonna be a millionaire and

I think after a full month or a full week we had only made two dollars and 93cents

that’s not enough for even threeTaco Bell tacos so you can understand that that wasn’t working mathematically for us .

as a viable way to make a ton of money I thought I was gonna write off ads forever but that was only until later on that.

now we make over three thousand to four thousand dollars a month with ads here’s how we’re able to do this our blogs get a lot of traffic like over three hundred thousand views a month ,

and because we get that amount of traffic we’re able to partner with premium ad networks

so really specialize really awesome networks that can give us higher returns on the ads and the clicks that we do get so here’s a recommendation for newbies ,

like yourselves are kind of a good place to start for newbies just because it can be motivational or give you a little inspiration at the beginning ,

but it is not the primary way you need to be monetizing you can be focused on the bigger picture here try to wait until you’re getting a consistent amount of traffic,

so you can partner with premium ad networks the one that we partner with one called AD thrive but there are a few others including media vine Mia net, propellor ads

and I’m sure a few more this will net you a lot more money than just throwing up Google Adsense and praying that somebody clicks

sponsored posts sponsored posts as explained before are where people are paying you to to write an article on your blog usually kind of reviewing their product or service

there are many bloggers like me that make in the upwards of 10 grand a month doing sponsored posts .

so it is a viable way to make money and make money pretty quickly sponsored posts might be perfect for you .

if you love to write can find good opportunities that fit your niche want to build a relationship with other companies and brands in your niche ,

and want a way to diversify your blogging income sponsored posts might not be right for you if you face a lot of time constraints.

it can be very time consuming finding good opportunities and filling out the required work and have your heart set on the passive income .

you’re technically still trading hours for dollars here so just something to keep in mind sponsored posts opportunities can be found on websites .

like blog Blagh meets brandlaQuita and others my friend Alexis also has a great course on making sense of sponsored posts.

which she has created with her sister so go feel free to type that into Google and check it out if you like ok .

now I’ve got your feet wet a little bit started with sponsored posts and ads now it’s time to take things to the next step with

8️⃣progress and master affiliate marketing

there are risks associated with every form of monetization method when it comes to blogging but affiliate marketing is unique ,

as it will teach you not only how to sell but it will also prepare you for creating your own future products mastering affiliate marketing is usually kind of one of the key steps to becoming a successful blogger .

you’ll see that a lot of successful bloggers first start on affiliate marketing start making money affiliate marketing learn how to make money and

then progress onto higher margins with their own products and services just like in our example when we talked about writing a blog post on the top 5 books and your recommended niche,

you can start out by doing this exact process with AmazonAssociates this is the very small very easy

way to start out in affiliate marketing and it progresses and gets much more advanced later on how you do this with Amazon Associates .

is easy and the reason I tell you to start out there is because everybody uses Amazon it makes a makes a very simple way to get your first few transactions and feeling good ,

about blogging and its potential right off the get-go getting signed up isn’t too hard just go type in amazon Associates to Google and you can join for free ,

once you’re approved you can recommendAmazon product on your blog knitting blog sell Amazon knitting kits dog blog, sell dog, treats got, parenting blog about raising teenagers to sell a muzzle

I’m kidding don’t muzzle your children put them on a leash this creates an awesome form of passive income for most bloggers

we make over500 dollars per month doing this once you sold a few affiliate products and amazon it’s time to start leveling up your affiliate marketing

and thinking about going to big affiliate networks and partnering with a bigger product so there are networks like Clickbank, ShareASale CJ affiliate Rakuten and so many more.

these networks are going to give you a much higher price Commission than something like Amazon

but keep in mind they’re going to be much more difficult to sell because they’re not checking out using Amazon’s platform.

you have to learn how to build a lot of trust with your readers and that’s why I said at the beginning you start an email list,

because that’s the best place to start selling higher-priced affiliate courses and products and other things

yeah okay now you’ve got some money rolling in a from affiliate marketing starting to get down the sales process and learn about how to sell through your blog ,

and how to build trust with your readers you’re building a fan base building people who are interested in what you’re doing it’s time to move onto

9️⃣create your own products and services

both physical and digital we started out by promoting yoga product through affiliate marketing we’re making about five dollars per sale .

so even when we were selling 10 products per day we’re only making about 1,500 dollars per month off this yoga product $1,500 a month is great,

and it’s an amazing amount of money but it is not a full-time income for a blogger so we kind of got this idea.

what if we the product that we were selling was alright we’re like I think we can make it better what if we tried to make this product even better than the one .

that we’re already selling and sell it to her audience they know us and trust us and like us let’s try selling our own well not only did it sell really well but our audience loved it,

and thus the yoga fat loss Bible was born the most important part of this process is that five-dollar sale that we were getting turned into a $37 sale for that product.

we had just seven extra money with the building of this product is the power of creating your own products and services you control the margin.

so you control the prices you control the sales page you control the entire system and the entire flow of selling your own

product that’s why all the biggest bloggers you know all the ones that are making the most money well they sell their own stuff .

this does not have to be digital products either this can be physical products as well the key here is to do something better than what is before you ?

so you don’t want to just go around and and replace your affiliate links with your own crappy products and not a good version of it only replace products ,

that you can truly replace and do it better the goal here is to make abetter experience for your audience.

if you make a worse experience for them the results are not going to be what you want as well as there’s always gonna

products that are better suited as an affiliate product versus you creating your own and just something to keep in mind something like hosting

like I’m not gonna create a hosting company so I’m gonna partner with somebody like Bluehost who is a hosting company ,

where I can sell hosting packages also as said before you can sell your services whether you’re a public speaker virtual assistant freelance writer you can sell all of these products and services on your blog .

selling your own products is the only true way to scale your blog and this is how you take something from a thousand dollars a month to ten thousand dollars a month and do so passively do so without actively.

constantly having to work and trade hours for dollars okay at this stage you’ve come a long way started your blog you designed .

it well you created awesome content you drove traffic to the blog you collected email subscribers you’ve been monetizing in a variety of different ways ,

and now you’ve got kind of your blog set up you’ve made your own courses made your own products you’ve you’ve found your audience found your voice found .

these things the next part is actually a very fun part of blogging and a

🔟scale and optimize

this is the really fun part because really you’ve done a lot of the hard work now your job is to just scale .

what you do and again this is what makes blogging such a different thing than let’s say going and working for somebody going and working for somebody

they’re gonna pay you let’s say 50 grand a month now fifty grand a month fifty grand a year to do customer service right.

but when you’re blogging and creating your own products and services just a few tweaks here are there are getting a blog post to go viral or .

are creating some new content immediately raises up your income and this is kind of a two-part process

I want to show you how it works really quickly sales equals traffic times conversion rate and I want to show you how your conversion rate on

your sales page is 1% so for every thousand visitors on your sales page you make 10sales now let’s say you add a few testimonials to your sales page,

and include a couple more and your email sales funnel that bumps your conversion rate to 2% which means that you have just doubled your cells

now a thousand visitors is getting at 2 percent which is 20 sales so you’ve just doubled your income that’s crazy now let’s say you start working on Google SEO

as an additional traffic sore and are able to get an extra thousand customers to your sales page that doubles your sales page again because ,

two thousand visitors times two percent equals forty sales you’ve just quadrupled your income that’s the big difference between blogging and going out and making 50 grand.

a month working customer service it is a giant leap because the amount of work you do ends up reflecting much better on the actual income that you make the final piece on how to make money blogging.

is to scale and to raise up those conversion rates and here are some of the main ways that you can do this you can add in testimonials and prove your page speed make changes to your sales page make changes to your

sales funnel and a few other marketing changes but those are the main ones this part of making money blogging is really fun,

because you can often see the changes right in front of your eyes and it’s very cool to watch and that ladies and gentlemen are the 10 step process for how to make money blogging .

we did it, Oh man that is a long article .all right I hope you like this article. if you have any queries related to article on how to make money blogging then write a comment in the comment box.

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