How To Translate Your WordPress Website (Multilingual) For FREE [FAST And EASY]

wordpress webste transalte

what’s up party people my name is Rohan gavai and today I’m doing a highly requested article.

I’ll be showing you all how you can translate your entire WordPress website into any language that you want now.

let’s say for example someone speaks Spanish they come to my website on the bottom right here we have English and,

we also have Espanol if they click on this it will then convert my entire WordPress website into that specific language now works for any language.

any language now there is also an automatic translation as well that I’ll talk about in this video or you can go ahead and translate it yourself just in case you use slang because.

I know every language out there uses slang and when you use automatic translators they don’t come out looking proper you know,

but let me just give you a quick demonstration of how this works, and then I’ll walk you through on how to use this free plug-in.

so I will click on translate page and uh here we have a bunch of text so what I’ll do see here is say you know what instead of summer sale.

we can leave it as you know we can leave it as that or I can say something like you know Tiempo temple Tiempo fiesta.

which is like time to party you know so basically what I’m saying here is that you can convert it the right way but.

if you want to add some sort of touch to it or you want to say it in your specific country or language is the style you can do that because.

I know certain languages change it like, for example, make money online in Spanish they tend to say earn money online so there’s just a difference

when you try to convert it step by step so you can actually put it whatever you want and then if you translate it will then appear as Tiempo the fiesta,

so what I’ll do is go to save translation and now if I go to the Espanol you will see how it says Tiempo d fiesta and it even uses the same font.

so it’s an amazing plugin now this is a free plugin so you can get set up right now so let’s go ahead and walkthrough on how to do this first let’s change it back to English.

shall we yeah there we go you know there we go my Spanish is a little rusty you know so the first thing that we’ll do is go to the dashboard and then you’ll go to plugins.

and click on add new and under search plugins, you will type in translate press you can see I was messing around with this for quite some time.

so this is the plugin that you need and the reason why I like this plugin because it has auto translate with google translate and also deep l which is actually a really it’s actually a little bit better than google translate.

so once you install the plugin you’ll go down to your installed plugins and then you can go ahead and find the plugins so the plugin was called uh translate press and you’ll click on settings now there are.

some settings that you might want to adjust but it’s strictly up to you and they’re not that difficult to understand like native language names

so do you want to put the languages in their specific names so for example if you have like a Thai website and you want to translate it to that you can use the Thai characters or you can use English and Thai say the something like that

and then there are other options here but uh you can go through these on your own time these aren’t really that important, to be honest,

so for example, we have languages here and I put Spanish now I can remove that and I can put another language and they have a lot of other languages that you can pick

so you can kind of go through here and have fun now if you do want to add multiple languages that do require the pro version and

i’ll talk more about that a little bit towards the end of the video but you don’t need it for just one language so i’ll talk more about that a little bit later over here we have automatic translation

so if you want to go ahead and translate your entire website using an auto translator i’ll be showing you how to do that it’s actually really simple in case you don’t want to translate your entire website

but let’s just go ahead and translate the website as is so if you notice on the top here you have translate website okay so let’s say you’re brand new

and you want to start translating your website the first thing that you’ll do is view as you want to make sure that this is under logged out because that means for people who are coming to your website

for the very first time, they will see the translation as a logged-out user because they’re brand new they’re not logged in

so what you’ll do is you’ll simply just go ahead and click on pretty much anything and you will go ahead and translate it so for example

we have summer sale you know fiesta like it’s a sale party you know or something like that so that means again when someone actually clicks on the translate the summer sale it will appear

as this right here so that’s basically how you get that set up and I will click on saving translation and then percent off we have fifty percent Trabajo do

i pronounce it something like that I gotta work on my Spanish I know but you get the idea here so you can go ahead and pick every specific one and then change it for that language

and then again whenever someone clicks on the translation everything will translate on your website also don’t forget this works for pretty much any product as well

so this works with woo-commerce so, for example, I will click on this and then you can go ahead and make any changes that you want to your websites also

if you need help there is a free service that people offers so you can go ahead and put in the specific word or name or phrase or whatever you want to translate and then it’ll show you the current translation

over here and then you can just go ahead and copy and paste that and then you can just put it back on your website

so if you’re having trouble translating everything you can use depot and they will actually help you with your translations

so that’s pretty much the entire plugin it’s free it’s amazing now let’s just say you have a very large website and you want to convert everything with a one button click

which is a little bit more convenient I’ll show you how you can set that up with depot and also the pro version so let me go to the dashboard here

so if you want to upgrade to the pro version which some of you might uh it offers a lot of other add-ons you can use as many languages as you want and you can even have one button uh translations for your entire WordPress website

so you know I can’t even find it here is it no it’s not here we have to go to the uh here the settings there we go that’s a quick way to get there

so the first thing that you’ll need to do is purchase the pro version of the plug-in so i do have a discount for you all so I’ll leave that in the description in this video as well

so I’ll click on the pricing now personally I think the one that is most standard for people is probably the business plan because well

I don’t know how many websites that you have but if you have a lot of other websites you might want to go with the developer package that’s 199 euros or you can use the business which is 139 euros per year

I would not recommend the person because that does not have the Diplo integration that you need to translate your entire website with one click

so I’ll leave that discount in the description below now once you purchase it I’ll take you to the account section and I’ll just show you how to set this up

so you’ll go to the add-ons download and you’ll click on that and you’ll see the add-on depot version 1.03 you’ll go ahead and download that and then you will upload it to your WordPress website

so once you install the depot add-on you’ll go back to your dashboard under automatic translation and there should be a link over there to go to the depot and it’ll take you to this page here now I’ll put this in the description of this video as well

so you can start for free using the free trial to see how it works out for you but either way, it’s really really cheap it’s only five bucks a month and that gives you translation for like I think it’s like a million translations it’s a lot of translation

so uh what you’ll do is you’ll go ahead and start a free trial or you just pay the five dollars a month whatever you want to do

and then I’ll meet you in the account section but once you sign up for depot you will see the API key you can go ahead and copy and paste your API key over here into the API key section and

now you are all ready to convert your website into pretty much any language that you want so it’s pretty incredible now one thing to note is

that now the business package will allow you to have as many languages on as you want on your website the person does not

and just remember that the business is only good for three websites and the developer is good for unlimited websites so that’s really up to you

what you’re trying to achieve or how many websites that you want to translate for yourself or your clients so let’s go ahead and test this out now

so let’s go back to our website and the first thing that you’ll do after you copy and paste that api key is you’ll click on general so now you need to select a specific language

so it’s like okay what website or what language do you want to convert your entire website to well I’ll do something like let’s do something very unique we’ll do something like chinese

I guess they have different dialects so I just selected Taiwan and I will click on add and then I will click on save changes

so once that’s done we’ll go back to our website and let’s test this out so visit sites on the bottom right we have English and now we also have Chinese

so if I click on this my whole website should now convert to the Chinese language and there it goes so that’s actually really cool now one thing to note is that some characters don’t have direct translations to certain languages

so let’s say for example I mean this did a really good job actually okay here we go they missed one

so what you might want to do is go click on translate and then translate the days hours and minutes uh also if you want to change the add to cart you can go-ahead

and go to the translated page and translate the add to cart but it did a really good job

I mean it pretty much did even did the footer so it’s an amazing plugin so if you want to translate your whole website

I highly recommend using I guess it’s pronounced deeply or deep l uh plus the actual pro version it makes your life a lot easier let’s just go ahead and let’s just go check out a page

here let’s just make sure it did it all you know like not it’s just it’s not just the home page here and this is the about us page so yeah it did the whole about us page

so incredible really really good now this is uh this is lorem ipsum text so there’s no translation for this in any language but

i mean um yeah it did a really incredible job so to those developers out there a good job you know this is a really cool plug-in and

uh it makes life a lot easier now you don’t have to do that you can just use the free version and translate it as much as you want.


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