I Bought A Domain Name  Now What? Full Step By Step Guide 🔥

Hi Guys!  If You have Purchase A  New Domain Name And  You  Don’t Know What To Do After Buying A Domain Name  Then   Don’t Worry My Friend  I Am Here To Help You.

Many Peoples Are Coming Into The World Of Blogging So They Do Not Have A Complete Knowledge but still they want to start a blog Many Peoples Come Up With The Question “I Bought A Domain Name  Now What?”

 If You Buy A Domain Name Then I Tell You What To Do  Next  Read  Full Article To Know About What To Do After Buying A Domain Name.

 i bought a domain name now what

so let’s start the answer to the question “I bought a domain now what?”. read still end to get information.

1. Choose The Best  Hosting For Your Domain Name

after purchasing a domain you need a powerful and best web hosting for your domain to go your site live on google.

if you are new in the industry of blogging then maybe you don’t have a piece of full knowledge about hosting.

But don’t worry I can help you here to get the best web hosting for your domain and  I will also show you how to connect the domain with hosting.

there are a lot of hosting platforms are available on the internet but as a starter, I want to recommend the  Bluehost.

I don’t give you a fake or useless hosting information because I also get these problems when I started.

Why Bluehost

Friends I also get problems when I am a beginner in the blogging industry but, know  I get full knowledge of blogging.but as a starter you don’t have sufficient knowledge about hosting.

don’t worry! go with Bluehost.

    • Bluehost hosting speed  is amazing

  • 24/7 customer support

Bluehost is not only my recommendation but also pro bloggers Host their website on  Bluehost.


after buying the Bluehost hosting I will show you how to connect the domain name with hosting

 2. How can you get started  with Bluehost hosting

          Select hosting plan for your domain

if you are confused to select the hosting plan then I will help you here to select the best hosting plan for your domain.

now there are 3 plans are given in the Bluehost Hosting platform. Which plan to choose lets to see.

the First Hosting plan is for the only beginners, you can choose this plan for micro-niche blogging, but if you want to make a professional website then I recommend Plus Plan as a beginner.

if you want to create news, travel, website then you have to use choice plus plan [according to traffic] choose the plan you want.

Enter Your Domain Name

i bought a domain now what

enter your domain name in the Box use domain you own and press the” next “button.

if you want to add your domain later then you have to click on “I’ll create my domain later“.

fill your account information

i bought a domain name now what

in this step you have to sign up for Bluehost.you You can also sign in with your Google account to checkout.

use a google account to purchase hosting because it made it easy to manage your hosting account.

enter your payment information

once you sign in to account or create an account the next you have to enter your payment /debit card details here.

confirm the conditions

once you all done then click on the checkbox and agree to terms and conditions.after this click on the submit button.

wait for time to process your transaction and create your hosting account. congrats you have all done. now you have redirected to hosting c panel.

now next follow the next steps

connect your domain name with hosting

if you have a purchased domain and hosting both from the Bluehost then it is very easy to set up .

but if you have registered a domain and hosting from two different platforms then it is necessary to point your domain to the hosting server.

here follow the steps to point the domain to hosting servers.i have considered domain registrar as GoDaddy

because most of the people register a domain from the GoDaddy, so let’s see how to setup?

step 1 : sign in to your GoDaddy account.
step 2 : Click on DNS of the domain you that you want to connect it with hosting.
step 3 : scroll down to see the nameserver menu and click the change button.
step 4 : go to c panel of your hosting and get your nameservers
step 5 : paste the nameservers in GoDaddy.
step 6 :finally install the WordPress on your domain from c -panel hosting.

note – the nameservers take 15 minutes to update.but in some cases it takes up to 24 hours to update.

install a premium WordPress theme



if you want to make your website best and attractive then you need a premium theme for your website.

you can get many themes on the internet but use the premium theme to get the best looks.

the premium themes are created for bloggers, you can use one of the premium theme to start your website.

you can also use free themes,but there are some limitations are come while customizing the website.

why use Premium Themes


the premium themes offer the best features to customize the website. hence you have to use a premium theme for your domain.

the premium themes have the features which are doesn’t available in the free version.

it is necessary to attract the attention of visitors on the content to rank post but in this case, the theme plays a very important role.

what we get in premium Themes


it is necessary to change according to the time. day by day there are many features that are updated in the theme.this feature is not available in the free themes.

Support 24 / 7

if you purchase a premium theme then you can get support from theme provider.

if in future you get any problem with the theme you can easily contact the theme provider to solve the problem.

Best premium themes

Astra pro theme

Astra is a very popular theme in the blogging industry, even I use these themes for my website.

Ocean wp theme

ocean wp theme is popular and the best theme for bloggers, these theme offers many templates to start a website.

generate press

generatepress theme is can be the best choice to start your website.

creat your professional email

if you have purchased a domain and you want to make a professional website then you need a professional email account for your website.

you can also use the email from other free email account providers like Gmail, yahoo mail, etc.

the professional email indicates your website professional.so use a professional email to make your website professional.

if you don know what is a professional email so don’t worry let me explain to you in detail.

a professional email is an email that is created with brand name as your domain name instead of general email providers like Gmail, yahoo, outlook, Hotmail.

let me explain to you by an example


Normal email

my website name is “blogging Ghost ” so here I have created a simple email like this👉 blogginghost@gmail.com 👈.

but here you see that this email not looking professional and also it does not indicate your business level.

but as a starter, you can use this email, but if you want to establish your brand on the internet then you need a professional email.

Note -: before you start a website register all free email account that is related with your business, because if you don’t register these emails then in the future anyone can register an email of your business.


professional email

my website name is “blogging Ghost ” so here I have created a professional email like this👉contact@bloggingghost.com 👈.

here you see that this email looking professional and also it indicate your business level.

this email easily indicates this a contact email for the “blogging ghost” Website.

You can set up your professional email easily without any problem.


redirect your domain to your social media account

day by day the social media is growing, and everyone uses a social media account .

today at this time there are billions of active users of social media in the world.

if you want to promote your business on your business social media account then this is the main thing to growing your business.

if your social media account is popular and you want to grow your social media account and also make a profit from your social media then you need a visitor.

forwarding the domain is a very simple process to do here I can show you how to do it.

steps for web forwording

step 1: log in to your GoDaddy account which you have registered a domain.

step 2: go to my product section and click the domain which you want to redirect

step 3: click on the “DNS”

step 4: after scrolling down you will see the forwarding section. enter the address of your social media site or your e-commerce site in the field.

note -: enter the web address in format “www.xYZ.com

step 5: in the forward type setting you will see 2 options.

● permanent forward-: if you want to permenent forward the domain then choose this option.

● Temporary forward-: if you want to forward the domain for a short time then select this option.

step 6: After this, you will see the forward setting with two options

forwarding only: this option prevents your domain name URL from displaying in the web browser.

forwarding with masking: this option keep your forwarded domain URL in a web address bar

step 7: after all set has done click on the “save” button.

tip -:for the best result choose the right social media platform to promote your business.

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