InterServer Review: The Best Web Hosting You Never Heard About! [2020]

inter-service probably the best our hosting company that you’ve never heard about so I want to shed some light on them share my opinions test results and overall what kind of performance can you expect for the amount that you’respending what immediately stands out is that interstellar only offers one shared hosting plan.

there is no starter or medium or pro plans there’s just one size fits all type of solution this immediately removes.

the pressure from you as the customer when you’re unsure which plan you need to get since.

they only offer one and the plan they’reoffering comes with a pretty decent area features you get unlimited bandwidth and storage weekly backups unlimited email accounts and it free SSL certificate well.

their bandwidth and storage public isn’t Julian limited it’s more in the realm of we’ll give you so much you’re not even going to come close to using a type of deal so we’ll just call unlimited.

it’s only a bad thing if you plan to run some shady businesses like youtube clone or a file archive website but imma go ahead and save you some time and just let you know that inter-server terms of Service do not allow.

this type of portage website so takes yourself some time. and if you plan to do this don’t choose inter-server but if you only blogger a small business owner or just want to open up your own e-commerce store interstellar actually offers some pretty good deals in terms server offers something.

they call the price log guarantee .that means if you buy Webhosting for five dollars a month you will be built five dollars a month until you cancel basically.

if the price you buy for is the price. that stays with you and why is this relevant to my ask the good number one most other web hosting providers will increase their prices after your first term ends and number two.

if you initially buy for the discounted price you lock in that discount for good price increases are actually.

a really common practice in the web hosting industry almost always you’re gonna get a really good cheap deal on your first purchase but as soon as.

it’s time to renew your plans the price can spike up as high as three or four times from what you need should be paid.

this happens because web hosting providers know is that once you’reinvested and you .have a website hosted with them you’re more likely going to be open to the idea of paying more than going through.

the trouble of migrating to eat cheaper deals and at this point in these price increases are almost a staple in the web in retreat so seeing someone challenge this.

visit hosting that review slash deals when I catalog all of the best web hosting deals for the month.

so you wouldn’t have to go looking for them their affiliate links so I’ll make a commission if you make purchases through them but you’ll get a discount and support the channel at the same time get the best web hosting deals possible .

by using the links down below or visiting hosting that review slash deals one last thing I want to mention about the price is that you can pay monthly there is no need to buy hosting upfront for like two or three years.

you can pay monthly and cancel whenever you want in my opinion this is one of the biggest pluses of inter-server they’re good pricing models and the picture that you’re offering are obviously worthless if the

performance is lacking their website has a lot of technical jargon explaining how they’re better than other providers.

but I’m not gonna take their word for it I want to do my own independent third-party test so I’ve used a program called uptime robot andGT metrics to measure how stable

and how fast inter-server services actually areand there might be some truth that there are high performance claims after my robot.

shows that their servers are very stable you basically want this line to be as flat as possible and with Interserve that there is only a couple of spikes in performance resulting in an overall 200 milliseconds response time.

which is much better than the industry average of 500 to test the speed I’veused GT metrics and an empty website loaded in just of 0.8 seconds every time a web host scores under one second on this test it’s offering top

quality speed and you can see that they have a lot of optimizations in place since they’re mostly score is in every category .

the only warning I can give you about inter servers performance is that they only have data centers in the united states meaning.

your website will perform the fastest if a person is visiting it from the US if you already know that your website will be visited by people from Europe or Asia .

recommend going with the web hosting company that has data centers all across the world like most finger ,

and legally full hosting a review right here if you’re interested and now let’s continue this review interstellar is offering regular hosting and throw hosting.

but what’s the difference between these two options well regular hosting is aimed at website owners .

if your someone that’s going to be making a website for himself or herself regular hosting is the option you should choose on the other hand throw

whole thing is named towards professional website creators if you’re someone that’s making websites for a living usually you have more than one client.

and these clients want their websites hosted as well pro hosting allows you to host as many as twenty or thirty websites on one account ,

and have separate cPanel login information who can give that out to your clients without compromising the security of others long story short irregular posting,

if you’re making our website for yourself pro hosting if you’re working with multiple clients and you’recreating websites for other people interservers share most implants

also with the standard cPanel and this is good news for us a customer well the design isn’t as easy to use or as pleasing to the eye as a custom control panel solution but it makes up for it in terms of features most notably you’ll

begetting a free cloud clear account free Lightspeed cash account and unlimited email accounts.

and they always recommend you set up clouds there or lightspeed cash on your websites by using cloud layer content delivery network .

you’re gonna make your website faster internationally and by using light speed cash you’re going to improve your website speed even further without any sacrifices caching is in general you should do on every single project that you make.

but now let’s talk about some obvious drawbacks that you’re gonna encounter if you choose inter-server over other web hosting providers when buying your inter-server package you won’t get a free domain name.

this will cost you two dollars extra and two the design is a bit outdated for example you can see that my dashboard still has the spring sale banner ,

but it’s winter and at the same time the chat icon seems to be broken I sometimes need to refresh the page several times until its working properly other than that I didn’t really notice anything else that I

would consider being like a game-changer or super bad apart from their visuals which are obviously ,

so far because inter-server is the company that focuses on users and performance first so their marketing and design departments are a bit lacking ,

that being said will I recommend Interserve over other cheap and reliable Webhosting solutions like Bluehost or hosting er yes and no just like most Webhosting companies

inter-server is really good for a specific type of user to perform a specific type of task recommend inter sever to people who know that their users are going to be from the United States

and who need short term hosting maybe you’re hosting a school project that’s only going to be relevant for half a year and you don want to pay upfront for

three or four years of hosting or maybe just in hosting for one or two months to set up a quick testing environment since inter-server allows a monthly billing without an increase in price,

and you can cancel at any time you want is the perfect solution they’re also a good choice for super long term web hosting if you’ removing from another provider with an existing project since again ,

they did increase the price upon renewal so you can have your project hosted within the good company for a low price overall .

you’re probably gonna get a better first purchase deal with other web hosting companies but as soon as your plan expires and the price is Jacob I strongly recommend you check out Interserve as one of the possible options ,

to move your project – my name is Emmettwith the hosting levy team and as always good luck making your websites.

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