Best Online Business To Start In 2020 For Beginners (WITH NO MONEY)

Online Business Ideas of 2020 (1)

hey, what’s up readers listen in this article I’m gonna show you how you can start an online business even if you don’t have any money,

hey, what’s up okay let’s talk about how you can start an online business with no money now listen I want at first dispel all the rumors and all the stuff like you’ve always heard that.

it takes money to make money and for the most part, let’s just be honest that’s true if you want to make like millions of dollars on the Internet.

you’re gonna need to spend some money to do it right but what if you’re brand new what if you’re watching this video right now and you’re like hey look.

I just want to get my feet wet I just want to start something I just want to see like can I even make money online does it even work right is it real.

I get it I understand it looks I’ve been there before when I was probably I don’t know 22 years old I started my first online business and.

I thought to myself oh god is this really real right and the thing is is that what I did when I was 22 is still working for me at 37 so weird I’m like fifteen years right and it’s affiliate marketing and.

so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you a quick step okay just a couple of quick steps that you can use right now to start an online business potentially even build your email list and do it completely free.

so the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to my computer right now and I’m gonna show you kind of a little drawing okay.

so you see this is my little whiteboard app and what I like to do is kind of show you how things work so on the internet there’s what we kind of call.

I call it the profit cycle okay so I call it the profit cycle and what we what this is is it’s kind of the cycle that all businesses go through first businesses need to have traffic okay,

and then business really needs to have a sales page alright so a sales page oh gosh a sales page where you can actually make some money right because this is the obvious end goal on the other.

end of the sales page is money okay so this is kind of how all businesses work this is a simplification anyway of the profit cycle are.

so what it is is we don’t want you to have to build this sales page alright we really don’t want to have to do that because that takes a lot of effort that takes a lot of work as you’ve probably seen this in my other articles.

I talked about how like if you’re gonna sell products on Amazon and on eBay and all this stuff it’s just a lot more minute it’s a lot more logistics right,

so what if we can skip building that we can use somebody else’s sales page and really all you’ve got to do is worry about sending traffic in order to make money,

it works really really well so the first thing is okay number one is where do we get sales pages okay so where do we get sales pages and what that means is products,

where do we get products that you can promote okay so what I’ll do is I’ll just kind of pull this up for you real fast and this is a network called Clickbank,

now Clickbank is like a lot of other networks okay so there are many different affiliate networks Clickbank is one that’s got a wide variety of products.

it doesn’t matter what you’re interested in or what you’re not interested in you can probably find something that you can promote from Clickbank.

now I will tell you upfront right now this is one of the most important things that you can learn from me in this video guess what you like simply doesn’t matter.

right and I tell my students this all the time all that really should matter to you is what other people like because other people are the ones reaching in their pocket,

and spending money right so don’t get caught up in oh I really like gardening or I really like dog training or,

I really like to teach this and I want to sell that doesn’t matter what you need to do is hop them trends you need to be selling what other people are buying right real simple,

and that’s what I love about affiliate marketing because you can bounce around and you can start like when Netflix started we were affiliates of Netflix.

we were the ones that were sending Netflix some of their very first customers but we also sent customers to banks we also sent customers to schools like,

so many different things that you can do with affiliate marketing and a lot of those are right here in Clickbank all right back to my computer okay,

so with Clickbank, you can go right up in here and you can look at their marketplace so there’s a tab up here called the marketplace and when you scroll through this marketplace

you’ll see all of these different sections categories for things that you can promote right and you’ll see there are tons of these this is not like a small thing there’s

if you want to learn how to speak different languages if you want to learn more about home and gardening our gardening if you want to learn about health and fitness

if you want to learn about going green like green products self-help products right all kinds of this stuff is in here travel sports you know employment and jobs like there’s

so many different things that you can find on here all you’ve got to do is create a free Clickbank account alright I am already logged into mine

as you can see but when you go to Clickbank com you can literally just click on create a free account, okay and then you can log in here and look at the products that you can promote

I’m just gonna select one of these like languages right okay so check this out rocket Spanish alright you can see that the average sale here is a hundred and two dollars

so what this means is is that you’re able to go in okay promote this person’s product all right you do not have to create a sales page

you don’t have to create anything you can literally take the link you click this little button right here that says promote okay

so once you have an account you get on here you click this button it says promote in some cases you’ll want to apply okay to be an affiliate of this particular vendor right

so very important to note that not all vendors just automatically approve you you have to go to their website and actually apply to be approved now some of them will automatically approve you in this

I’m not really sure if there are any on here we’ll see let’s see okay so this is one of them so we can go in here and you can earn seventy percent commissions for every single customer

you send to this to this vendor all you do is you click to generate your link and you get a link just like this is your affiliate link ok

so super important take a look at that Clickbank calls it a hop link but it is basically an affiliate link,

right now once you have that affiliate link you can place that anywhere and anywhere that you place it okay if someone clicks on it and

they go to this particular product which is this one is synergy Spanish and they buy you’re gonna get seventy percent commissions which means,

you get paid you sold somebody else’s product you don’t have to do anything you’re not doing all the hard work somebody else is but you’re still making the money right

I love this model I made six figures a month with this model back 15 years ago and I still continuously make money with this model every single month affiliate marketing awesome opportunity okay now once

you’ve got your link the question is where can you promote this link that’s gonna be able to generate some traffic for you but it’s not gonna cost you any money because

we all know paid ads they suck I get it right if you’re not experienced running paid traffic is not a fun thing to do it’s not an easy thing to do and it’s not a fun thing to do

so how can you get traffic without spending money on the clicks right without paying for ads well check this out

so let’s go back to the computer one of the places you can go is a place called the free ad forum okay so it’s the free ad forum

calm you can see it right there on my screen you can obviously see right here it says publish your ad for free alright

so you want to click right up here where you can create an account and you’ll see all of the different things that they have in that where you can place ads

so check this out language classes we can literally take our affiliate link and we can go place an ad right here okay right here on the free ad forum for this particular product

because again we are now promoting this Spanish-speaking product right so you can click right here on language classes and you can go in and create ads just like you see right here

okay all of these ads alright you can create all of these ads for yourself completely free first thing obviously you want to do is register for a free account once you do

that you’ll be able to come into here so like this is my account right here because I’ve already got an account and if you go right here where it says publish your ad for free

alright it’s gonna open up the opportunity for you to publish your ad for free so let’s go back off of my computer screen because

I am now going to log in so let me get logged in here real quick alright perfect and we’re logging in as we speak so back to the computer screen

so check this out we are now logged in and we can place our ad here on the free ad form completely free you select your category so obviously, we were just looking through this and

we found you know obviously the one on languages now you have to scroll through hereunder if they let me search you have to scroll through here and type in

I just typed in Elle so you find language classes so you can see right there and then you’re gonna write like a title and a description for your listing

so obviously if we’ve now picked something like this where it’s talking about Spanish right learning how to speak Spanish alright then what we would want to do is on our listing,

we will want to talk all about learning how to speak Spanish right learning how to speak Spanish and then, of course, most the times the vendors and the people on here,

that are helped like that you’re promoting they’ll give you some copy they’ll give you some things that you can look at like you can see right here where they have a link for the affiliate page,

so they’ll give you some information that you can use to post in your ads right so you don’t have to come up with this stuff on your own,

now you can go and select all of the information here about where your ad is being listed from this would just be your location and then you’ll notice that they offer upgrades right ,

now your ad will stay live on here completely free but it’s life for a shorter amount of time so you’ll notice right here where it says lets me just pull it up here where when we get to the when you’re like a new user alright,

so for new users, you’re able to put your ads on here but what’s gonna end up happening is the ads will drop off okay if you want them to stay on longer,

you can pay for it what I suggest is not paying for it because you can always relist the ads so these are called upsells’ right here right,

you can get this completely free or you can determine that you want to take advantage of these upsells now sometimes these things do work they help you get more views,

but at the end of the day, this article is all about how you can get traffic for free so we’re not gonna take any of these upsells we’re gonna leave those alone,

we’re still gonna post our ad this is one of the networks where many many many people use this and they post these ads and these eyeballs come and people that want to learn Spanish,

are gonna click on your link when they click on your link you can earn a commission back to my computer screen I’ll show you what that looks like here’s one single commission,

that I earned on a product I earned one thousand one hundred sixty-nine dollars and forty-eight cents on one single sale of one single product now clearly this is not the Spanish speaking product,

okay, that I made this money on what I’m showing you is is that with affiliate marketing I literally earned a one thousand one hundred sixty-nine dollars and forty-eight cents in a single day,

I spent no money to make that money right no money so there are endless opportunities here for you to be able to go in and create affiliate links for all of these different products,

and post them inside of sites just like this one the free ad form now where else can you post them listen to think about social media leverage things like Instagram leverage things like Facebook fan pages,

groups all of these things and what we don’t do is we don’t spam the groups obviously there are a lot of people in a lot of groups that are asking for information,

they’re asking for help they’re saying hey I’d really like to learn Spanish in a better way or they’re saying hey I’d really like to learn X Y or Z write the information business,

it’s a billion-dollar industry so all you’ve got to do is insert yourself into those conversations that’s the one thing that,

I always teach my students is if you want to be successful insert yourself into the conversation that your students are that your customers are having,

so think about this if you go online and you look at all the places where people are searching and typing and communicating about how to learn Spanish,

all you got to do is say hey you know what here’s a program you might want to check out and you put your affiliate link in your having two-way communication with that person,

but it’s costing you no money you’re not having to run an ad in order to do it obviously this takes a little more legwork but here’s the thing,

when you do that you’re able to start generating these commissions from many different programs right this is one of the simplest and fastest ways to be able to make money on the internet,

build your own business without spending any money now if you’d like to go to the next level if you’d like to have a lot of this kind of done-for-you right,

we’ve got an awesome opportunity it’s called the partner with Anthony program where you literally partner with me to do this kind of stuff now is it completely free no is it a few bucks,

yes but what it allows you to do is it allows you to skip all of this kind of stuff and tap right into traffic streams and sources that I’m personally using in my business.

if you want more information on that there’s a link right below this video all you got to do is get a copy of my free book again it is completely free it costs you no money,

there’s no shipping there’s no handling there’s no silly little fees hidden or anything like that it’s completely free or I’ll talk to you a little bit more about the funnels that you can use to be able to.

not only in generate commissions but also build your email list check this out back to my computer real quick look at this is one of my pages where,

I actually build my email list right you’ll see this page right here when you click the link right below this video so when you see this,

you’ll be able to opt-in I’ll have your email address but more importantly, what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna show you how you can partner with me to do this and how you can start building your own email list,

so that you can start tapping into that free email traffic to generate mega commissions through different affiliate programs look I love partnering with people all over the world,

I love helping people if you like this content if you want to learn more from me click the subscribe button right now make sure that you join each and every week as,

I release new videos new content new training and truly help you walk down the path to having success online because look,

I’ve been down that path already I’ve generated well over 100 million dollars online and my goal is really to make it simple for you to weed through all the nonsense.

find the stuff that really works like I said when we started this video if you use this free traffic method that I’m teaching you are you gonna make millions of dollars,

no, but can you make a few commissions out of that absolutely can you make one or two or three or four, of course, you can and if you do guess what that does it gives you confidence.

it gives you inspiration and guesses what it does it gives you the right mindset to truly be able to have success a lot of times affiliate marketing and building a business online it’s all about having the right mindset,

and believing in yourself and knowing that you can do it and that it can be done that’s the reason I built this video that’s the reason,

I put this training out there because I want you to realize there is a way that you can make a few bucks online without spending any but,

if you’d like to partner me and get started and get started really really cheap all you got to do click the link that you see below make sure that you check out our partner with rohans program and of course get a copy of my free book in the process you.


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