What’s New in WordPress 5.4

whats new in wordpress 5.4

we’ll look at the changes that are  in WordPress 5.4 this is the first major release of 2020 in its set to come out March 31st a lot of the improvements are set around the block editor as well as some improvements for developers

so with all that let’s dive in and see some of the changes that are coming to 5.4 now just a quick note that there is a development freeze or a feature freeze right now

which means there are no new features that will be introduced however they can improve on the features that I’ll show you here and there might be some that don’t make the cut possibly

so just know and keep that in mind so let’s take a look at some of them one of the first things that they have is they’re really trying to help you understand the block editor

so they’ve created a guided tour with that so with that let’s go to I’ll show you what it looks like by going to add a new post and there is a welcome guide here.

the Welcome guide will simply walk you through some of the blocks and information that they’ve improved on you can go through it to see what they are showing you

and anytime you want to go back to that and see it in action you can go up to the three dots go all the way down to welcome guide and I’ll show that for you with 5.4.

there are also two new blocks coming the first one is social so if I start – you can get to any block by doing a forward slash and start typing the block name like social icons or

if you’re not quite used to doing that yet you can come over here and click on the plus sign and search for them as well we’ll do social icons and you see here you can change up an add as many social icons

as you have these are all the ones that are set by default and then you can add or remove them here, for instance, this is for YouTube you can add the YouTube address of your channel

that you want people to go to and now that will send them over there so you can add and remove these by clicking on the removed blog or the add block here now just

so you know these are to interact with your social media profiles if you want people to save or share any of your posts or pages on social media you’ll still want to add a social media plug-in to do that

and we’ll have a link of that in the description below of our favorite social media plugins that you can use the next book that they changed is they change the button block two buttons block

so they made it plural, for instance, you can go here and do forward slash button and you see there are buttons

so you can create a button and then come next to it and add another button and change the color of that to whatever you want it to look like

you can also choose to do outline versus feel and make it a little bit different so now you can have two buttons side by side moving along with the whole improvements to the block editor itself there are some other changes to the whole block editor for instance

if you want to add a cover so the covers this bigger area on your page to really draw people’s eyes you can either add a media library or they’ve now changed it where you can add some color for the cover area a group of blocks as well as columns

and this just really helps break up your text and make the content a little bit more visually appealing for your users you can also do the same thing to groups for instance

I have these two blocks are set up as a group and you can come in and make changes and that will affect the whole group as well

so that’s a great feature the color changes can also happen to columns you see we have a columns block here that we can also change the color settings for the whole block as well

and that again just breaks up the visual cues for your readers under the document area if you want to add a featured image before you would have to come over here and click on a button to say add the add file

but now they’ve made it really easy that if you have an image that you want to add as the featured image you can simply drag and drop that over and it will come over

and now you have a featured image that will show up on your website so very easy to add featured images again one final thing

if you want to add specific text color inside a block, for instance, I have this area then I can come over here and choose text color

so I can change this text color here if I’m wanting to showcase a visual cue or something like that for this now if you’re working with tables and you’re wanting to add some information

you also now have the option to come down here and add a caption about this table just so people know what your table is about you can add the caption down here below

if you ever work on your website from a mobile device then you probably notice that the toolbar would move around depending on what you’re working on and that could get a little frustrating with five-point four that fixes it and it puts the toolbar at the top

so it’s always there but it simply changes depending on what you’re working on and then if you work with gallery images then they’ve made it really easy to change the sizes of all the images in a gallery

so let me show you what that looks like here we’ll start a new gallery and I’m going to just pick a few from media library that creates the new gallery insert it make sure you add all your alt text here and then you see from here we can choose some new large medium full size and it simply changes all the images for you

if you like to add the latest blog posts to your website then they’ve made that easy as well we’re going to create a block called latest posts and from here you see that this is the default where it’s just the links and that’s about it

but what you can do over here is you can come in and choose how to change that including adding a featured image and what the featured image will look like

so you can come over here toggle it to display the featured image can also choose to display post date post content you can also limit how much to display you can also choose how to align them and how to order it or

if you just want to show different categories you can also choose how many of these to show at the bottom where they’ve also made it easier for you to select blocks

so you can come up here under tools and you can hit select the select tool makes it really easy to select what you’re looking for especially if you’re doing groups then it lets you select items

so that you can edit it once you select the item then you can change it back to edit if you’re a huge tik-tok fan then they have added support for embedding tik tok videos

so those are all of the visual changes that they made they also made a few under-the-hood changes for developers

and we won’t cover that but if you want to read more about it you can click on the link in our description below on the other changes that they made for developers another tool that’s super easy to use

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